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KEYNOTE - Nettie Wild, Director/Writer/Producer

It began with one person riveted by a spectacle that has taken place – uninterrupted – in BC rivers for millions of years. Director Nettie Wild’s artistic intuition told her that the salmon migration she’d witnessed could – and should – be shared with a wider public audience. That led to a small team exploring the possibilities. Add in a city bridge and a public park, and things really started to get interesting.

A network of partners came on board over time, and their crucial support meant the small group of eight grew – and grew – to a team of 130 artists, specialists and volunteers.

Three years of filming, eighteen months of editing and digital mapping, software innovation, the work of several Canadian companies, an online platform to extend public engagement, the support of civic leaders and the good will of a neighbourhood. All that – and UNINTERRUPTED launched in the summer of 2017 as part of the Canada 150+ celebrations.

In the three month run that followed, crowds totaling 30,000 (on average close to 500, 5 nights a week) came under the Cambie Bridge to swim with the salmon.

Hear Nettie’s journey of how art can be used to foster appreciation of salmon and encourage support of community organizations and events that look after BC’s wild salmon and their habitat.

Nettie Wild

Nettie Wild

Nettie Wild is one of Canada’s leading documentary filmmakers. Her recent work has gained recognition for forging new frontiers in storytelling on the big screen, on the web and in massive public installations.

In 2017, Nettie launched UNINTERRUPTED, a cinematic spectacle using digital mapping to project images of the Adam’s River sockeye migration across Vancouver’s Cambie street bridge. It was lauded as one of 2017’s must-see projections in the world.

Nettie Wild’s films have been distributed theatrically, and broadcast in Canada and internationally. She has been honored at film festivals around world and has won multiple awards.