Metro Vancouver delivers regional scale services and plans through collaboration and cooperation. Our big picture perspective enables us to provide services and solutions for a growing, complex region. Whether it’s facilitating community feedback on capital projects, maintaining natural spaces through our regional parks, or providing a forum for municipalities we work together with our members in the development of our region.

The selection of indicators below demonstrate how Metro Vancouver brings people together in every area of its work.



 Centralized Support Services: Aboriginal Relations



 Centralized Support Services: Board & Information Services



Customer interactionsCustomer interactions<div class="ExternalClassD47482BF85234BA793344116F314664B"><p>via telephone, email and live chat<br></p></div>,,507Waiting for Datacustomer interactionsbg-purple

 Centralized Support Services: External Relations



Mailing list subscribersMailing list subscribers<div class="ExternalClass624654F1DBA84803A19BF5F61CE3F2F8"><p>to the Metro Vancouver mailing list<br></p></div>,,420On tracksubscribersbg-purple
Facebook page likesFacebook page likes<div class="ExternalClassCBF9F29DDA9F4BD7993B65B0E0125DE1"><p>​of the <a href="" target="_blank">Metro Vancouver Facebook page</a><br></p></div>,,329On tracklikesbg-purple




Metro Vancouver Housing tenant associationsMetro Vancouver Housing tenant associations<div class="ExternalClass102829ABA76A4C9CB345E78601135A1B"><p>​have tenant associations<br></p></div>, trackof MVHC communitiesbg-orange

 Regional Parks



Participants in park programmingParticipants in park programming<div class="ExternalClassED22C5BFE523419EB6C7A04FA75385B5"><p>in interpretive programs and special events<br></p></div>,,178On trackparticipantsbg-light-green

 Regional Services



Electoral Area A eventsElectoral Area A events<div class="ExternalClassC9B07149C6AA4A609CAF98D849E8DAB5"><p>for Electoral Area A<br></p></div>, trackpublic meetings & engagement eventsbg-yellow

 Liquid Waste



Event days at Annacis Research CentreEvent days at Annacis Research Centre<div class="ExternalClass97DBEEF9F2AC48AB9869A5FE1AF5FC7C"><p>with events hosted at the ARC<br></p></div>, not be on trackdaysbg-taupe




Watershed programming participantsWatershed programming participants<div class="ExternalClass2323BE52E3824CC4A1AF0A9665202988"><p>at watersheds & Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR)<br></p></div>,,378Waiting for Dataparticipantsbg-blue

Public Engagement

of Freedom of Information
requests delivered on time

Public Engagement

Metro Vancouver’s regional scope forges relationships that go beyond municipal borders. For policy-makers and politicians, public meetings and community engagement events are vital avenues for feedback. For the public, our fast and thorough response to freedom of information requests ensures transparency and a greater understanding of our pivotal role in the region’s quality of life.

First Nations Consultation

Doubled the
number of bilateral meetings
with area First Nations since 2014

First Nations Consultation

Including First Nations in conversations about the future of our region is essential. Metro Vancouver’s commitment to forging productive relationships saw bilateral meetings with area First Nations more than double since 2014. A new era of dialogue and cooperation is emerging, as communication and understanding between stakeholders grows in a climate of cooperation and respect.

Regional Parks

11 million
visits to Metro Vancouver
Regional Parks last year

Regional Parks

Our extensive parks network brings people together in a different way – making outdoor enjoyment and appreciation of our environment possible across the region, from the mountains to the sea. We are also embracing new ways of engaging with our audience. Our online resources and social media presence are essential channels for communicating Metro Vancouver’s story.