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COVID-19 Boards and Committees Update

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Metro Vancouver's head office is closed to public access, except during Board and Committee meetings.

All Board and Committee meetings will be live streamed and we encourage the public to view these meetings online. Any member of the public in attendance must obey strict health protocols including physical distancing of at least two meters from others.

Board and Committee members may attend meetings in person or electronically, pursuant to Ministerial Order M192 and Procedure Bylaw 1205.

​Current Meetings

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Board Meeting Order

Board meetings commence at 9:00A.M. and generally occur in the following order, up to a maximum of eight. Not all meetings may be scheduled:

  1. GVRD/MVRD open meeting
  2. MVHC open meeting
  3. GVWD open meeting
  4. GVS&DD open meeting
  5. GVRD/MVRD closed meeting
  6. MVHC closed meeting
  7. GVWD closed meeting
  8. GVS&DD closed meeting