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Bowen Island3,402
Electoral Area A13,035
Langley City25,081
Langley Township104,743
Lions Bay1,318
Maple Ridge76,052
New Westminster65,976
North Vancouver City48,770
North Vancouver District86,396
Pitt Meadows17,965
Port Coquitlam56,347
Port Moody32,975
West Vancouver44,989
White Rock19,339
Board Members 

The 2014 Board consists of 38 Directors representing 21 Municipalities, one Electoral Area, one treaty First Nation. These Directors are members of your Municipal or First Nation council who have been appointed to the Board by their respective councils.

  Greg Moore - Board Chair
Greg Moore - Board Chair
  Raymond Louie - Board Vice Chair
 Raymond Louie - Board Vice Chair

The number of directors appointed to the Board depends on the population of the Municipality, Electoral Area, or First Nation. As well, directors are allowed one vote for every 20,000 people in their Municipality, Electoral Area, or First Nation, up to a total of five votes. The votes allocated to each director are noted below for each of the three boards.

RD - Greater Vancouver Regional District
SD - Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District
WD - Greater Vancouver Water District

DirectorAlternate DirectorRDSDWD
Mayor Heather AndersonCouncillor Kerri Palmer Isaak 11
Mayor Ralph DrewCouncillor Bruce Drake11
Bowen Island:
Councillor Andrew StoneCouncillor Tim Rhodes1
Mayor Derek CorriganCouncillor Pietro Calendino;Councillor Dan Johnston;Councillor Nick Volkow444
Councillor Sav DhaliwalCouncillor Pietro Calendino;Councillor Dan Johnston;Councillor Nick Volkow444
Councillor Colleen JordanCouncillor Dan Johnston;Councillor Pietro Calendino;Councillor Nick Volkow444
Councillor Mae ReidCouncillor Craig Hodge 333
Mayor Richard StewartCouncillor Neal Nicholson444
Mayor Lois JacksonCouncillor Ian Paton555
Electoral Area A:
Director Maria HarrisWilliam (Bill) Holmes111
Langley City:
Councillor Gayle MartinCouncillor Ted Schaffer 222
Langley Township:
Mayor Jack FroeseCouncillor Bob Long333
Councillor Steve FergusonCouncillor Charlie Fox333
Lions Bay:
Mayor Brenda BroughtonCouncillor Scott Ando1
Maple Ridge:
Mayor Ernie DaykinCouncillor Al Hogarth444
New Westminster:
Mayor Wayne WrightCouncillor Chuck Puchmayr 444
North Vancouver City:
Mayor Darrell MussattoCouncillor R.C. Clark333
North Vancouver District:
Mayor Richard WaltonCouncillor Robin Hicks555
Pitt Meadows:
Mayor Deb WaltersCouncillor Bruce Bell111
Port Coquitlam:
Mayor Greg MooreCouncillor Brad West333
Port Moody:
Mayor Mike ClayCouncillor Gerry Nuttall222
Mayor Malcolm BrodieCouncillor Bill McNulty;Councillor Linda McPhail555
Councillor Harold StevesCouncillor Linda Barnes;Councillor Linda McPhail555
Councillor Barinder RasodeCouncillor Tom Gill;Councillor Mary Martin;Councillor B. Hayne555
Councillor Linda HepnerCouncillor Tom Gill;Councillor Mary Martin;Councillor B. Hayne555
Councillor Judy VilleneuveCouncillor Tom Gill;Councillor Mary Martin;Councillor B. Hayne555
Mayor Dianne WattsCouncillor Tom Gill;Councillor Mary Martin;Councillor B. Hayne555
Councillor Barbara SteeleCouncillor Tom Gill;Councillor Mary Martin;Councillor Bruce Hayne444
Chief Bryce WilliamsCouncillor Tony Jacobs11
Councillor Kerry JangCouncillor George Affleck444
Councillor Heather DealCouncillor Tony Tang444
Councillor Raymond LouieCouncillor Elizabeth Ball555
Councillor Geoff MeggsCouncillor Adriane Carr444
Councillor Andrea ReimerCouncillor Adriane Carr555
Mayor Gregor RobertsonCouncillor Tony Tang555
Councillor Tim StevensonCouncillor Elizabeth Ball444
West Vancouver:
Mayor Michael SmithCouncillor Trish Panz333
White Rock:
Mayor Wayne BaldwinCouncillor Grant Meyer11

Abbotsford is a member of the GVRD for the parks function only.

DirectorAlternate DirectorRDSDWD
Mayor Bruce BanmanCouncillor Henry Braun4
Councillor Patricia Ross Councillor Henry Braun3
  • Three separate corporate entities operate under the name Metro Vancouver: the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD); the Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) and the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD). As well, the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation (MVHC) is a public housing corporation that is wholly owned by the GVRD.
  • The GVRD was incorporated by letters patent dated June 29, 1967 and its Board of Directors held its first meeting on July 12, 1967. At that time, there were 950,000 people living in the Lower Mainland. Today, that number has doubled to more than two million residents, and is expected to grow to 2.7 million by 2021.