Under Review

​Metro Vancouver will endeavour to post the unevaluated results of the Tender/RFP opening in the following manner:

  • For Tender/RFPs from bidding opportunities posted before June 24, 2020, unevaluated results will be listed on this page by 10:00am on the business day following the Tender/RFP Closing. Contract awards will be posted to the Concluded Opportunities page.
  • For Tender/RFPs from bidding opportunities posted on or after June 24, 2020, all results and awards will be updated on bids&tenders.

It is Metro Vancouver’s intent to evaluate proposals and tenders as promptly as possible. Corporate staff may contact a Proponent or Tenderer if clarification is required. However, they are unable to provide any details concerning the evaluation process until after the evaluation has concluded and a contract is awarded.

Telephone and/or e-mail inquiries regarding the status of an ITT or RFP will be referred to these website pages.

As only the successful bidder will be contacted on conclusion of the bid process, Metro Vancouver wishes to thank all bidders for their effort in preparing a response to this bidding opportunity.


  • More information may be obtained by contacting the buyer listed in each ITT/RFP opportunity.

    **Note: ​Pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to download the documents.