Current Bidding Opportunities

In response to COVID-19 and the need to ensure physical distancing, Metro Vancouver requires vendors to send submissions electronically for all current bidding opportunities. Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted during this time.

For opportunities posted before June 24, 2020, please click HERE for step-by-step instructions for electronic submissions.

​Metro Vancouver now uses the bids&tenders platform to source for goods, services and construction. This makes it easy for vendors to review, register, download, and submit bids online in one system. The Bidding System will notify the Vendor by email of Bid opportunities that match your commodity code selection.

As Metro Vancouver transitions to bids&tenders:

  • Bidding opportunities posted before June 24, 2020 are listed on this page.
  • Bidding opportunities posted on or after June 24, 2020 may be submitted online through the bids&tenders platform. In order to submit a bid, Bidders are required to create a Bidding System Vendor Account. Bidders are solely responsible for ensuring their Vendor account information is kept current.

For all opportunities, downloaded documents must not be altered in any way (except for the insertion of the required information). Any alteration of a downloaded document without the express consent of Metro Vancouver may invalidate an ITT/RFP submission containing that alteration.

It is the sole responsibility of a proponent or tenderer that downloads ITT/RFP documents to continue to monitor the site up to the closing date for any Addenda to those ITT/RFP documents.

Metro Vancouver will endeavour to post the unevaluated results of the Tender/RFP opening in the following manner:

  • For Tender/RFPs from bidding opportunities posted before June 24, 2020, unevaluated results will be posted to the ‘Under Review’ page by 10:00 a.m. on the business day following the Tender/RFP Closing. Contract awards will be posted to the ‘Concluded Opportunities’ page.
  • For Tender/RFPs from bidding opportunities posted on or after June 24, 2020, all results and awards will be updated on bids&tenders.

Telephone and/or email inquiries regarding the status of an ITT or RFP will be referred to these website pages.

As only the successful bidder will be contacted on conclusion of the bid process, Metro Vancouver thanks all bidders for their effort in preparing a response to this bidding opportunity.


  • More information may be obtained by contacting the buyer listed in each ITT/RFP opportunity or by contacting:

    ​Purchasing Reception

    **Note: ​Pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to download the documents.