Concluded Opportunities

Contract awards will be posted as promptly as possible to the corresponding opportunity upon execution of the contract.

As Metro Vancouver is transitioning its competition postings from to the bids&tenders platform:

  • Results of bidding opportunities posted before June 24, 2020 are listed on this page.
  • Results of bidding opportunities posted on or after June 24, 2020 will be updated on the bids&tenders platform.

Due to the prompt availability and accessibility of this information, notification will not be sent to unsuccessful bidders. Proponents wishing to be debriefed are encouraged to contact the Buyer of record within 30 days of contract award.

As only the successful bidder will be contacted on conclusion of the bid process, Metro Vancouver thanks all bidders for their effort in preparing a response to this bidding opportunity.


  • More information may be obtained by contacting the buyer listed in each ITT/RFP opportunity.

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