Board Strategic Plan


Metro Vancouver embraces collaboration and innovation in providing sustainable regional services that contribute to a livable and resilient region and a healthy natural environment for current and future generations.

The Board Strategic Plan provides a framework for the decisions we as a board will take to address regional priorities, today and for the long-term. And it informs staff’s approach to the delivery of utility services, planning and other activities required so that we remain one of the most desirable places in the world to live and do business.

 Board Strategic Plan 2019–2022: May 2021 Update (PDF version) 

 Board Strategic Plan 2019–2022: May 2021 Update (Interactive version)

 Board Strategic Plan: 2019-2022 Look Back (PDF version) 

 Board Strategic Plan: 2019-2022 Look Back (Interactive version)

Long-Term Plans

The Metro Vancouver Board has endorsed regional management plans for its areas of legislated responsibility. The regional plans are implemented within the context of direction from the Board Strategic Plan and the organization’s long-term financial planning principles.

Together these management plans represent an integrative and strategic approach to dealing with the most important issues related to the resilience of our dynamic metropolitan region. Each plan contains a vision, or commitment statement, and long-term goals that provide direction for Metro Vancouver in its operations and services as well as actions relevant to members, partners, and stakeholders.