Financial Plans and Reports

​​​​​​​Household Impact

$16  Increase for the average household in 2017*

$452  Average annual cost for all Metro Vancouver services

* Average based on $860,000 assessed home value


5.8% Total expenditure increase

$702.4 mil 2017 budget


The budget documents below reflect the original 2017 budgets approved in October of 2016, as well as any further allocations or funding decisions approved by the respective Boards through June 2017.



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Metro Vancouver’s annual budgets are driven primarily by the costs of delivering fundamentally important utility services, in partnership with member municipalities, to the region’s citizens and businesses.

Drinking water supply, sewerage and management of solid waste represent the majority of both operating and capital budgets, and are financed through utility fees. Property taxes account for a small portion of the regional budget, and support the Regional Parks system, as well as other services including Air Quality Management and Regional Planning activities.

Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation is financed almost entirely through rents paid by tenants.

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