Regional Housing

    Metro Vancouver Housing provides safe and affordable rental homes for more than 9,000 people on 49 sites across the Metro Vancouver region. Our sites are diverse, mixed-income communities that include families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

    Metro Vancouver Housing offers a range of homes, from SRO units to four-bedroom townhomes, at below-market rates and rates based on tenants’ incomes. Supported primarily by our tenants’ rents, we are a non-profit organization that has partnered with tenants, governments, and service providers to support healthy and engaged communities since 1974.

  • Affordable Housing

    Most of our sites offer two and three bedroom townhome and apartments for families at the lower end of market rentals. Several sites have one bedroom units for people 55 and over, people with disabilities, and those with other special needs. Most sites have playgrounds for children. Schools and transportation are usually nearby.
  • Regional Homelessness Plan

    A guide to help stop homelessness in Metro Vancouver area, guided by the Regional Steering Committee.

Projects and Initiatives

  • Community Gardens

    ​Gardening is a valuable community-building activity that contributes to environmental awareness, increased safety and neighbourliness. We are committed to helping tenants develop thriving, sustainable community gardens.

  • Crime Free Multi Housing Sites

    ​Similar to the Block Watch Program, our program is designed to help managers, residents, police and other agencies to work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity off rental properties. Our goal is a crime free designation for each of our housing sites. Currently half of our portfolio has received the CFMH designation.
  • Heather Place Redevelopment

    ​This project will provide more rental accommodation in a city and region desperately in need of affordable housing. The current site has 86 rental units, our redevelopment will provide 200-300 units.
  • Homelessness Partnering Strategy

    Established in 2000 to work on regional data and solutions, establish priorities and recommend projects.

Contact Us

     Heather McNell, General Manager, Regional Planning & Housing Services