Regional Planning & Housing

    Regional Planning & Housing Services is responsible for developing, implementing and stewarding the regional growth strategy, and for providing safe and affordable housing units across the Metro Vancouver region.

 We Work On

  • Regional Planning

    Regional Planning is responsible for developing, implementing and stewarding Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future, the regional growth strategy.  The Division provides data, research, analysis, and convenes stakeholders on issues of common interest for regional growth. The Division collaborates with member jurisdictions and others engaged in regional land use and transportation issues to inspire long term solutions across municipal boundaries, invites discussion among agencies, collects and analyses complex data, provides evidence-based research, and develops regional policies and tools that support the regional growth strategy.

  • Electoral Area A

    Metro Vancouver acts as the local government for Electoral Area A in defined issues. Electoral Area A is the unincorporated area of the Metro Vancouver Regional District and includes diverse lands ranging from the densely developed University of British Columbia neighbourhoods to lightly populated areas in Howe Sound, Indian Arm, Pitt Lake, and the Fraser River.

  • Regional Housing

    Metro Vancouver Housing provides safe and affordable rental homes for more than 9,000 people on 49 sites across the Metro Vancouver region.

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