Air Quality & Climate Change
    Climate 2050 Strategic Framework
    The Climate 2050 Strategic Framework will guide our region's policies and collective actions to transition our region to a low carbon future, increasing the health, well-being and prosperity of Metro Vancouver residents.
  •, AirMap web-app
    AirMap web-app

    It’s easy to check the air quality with our online resource –  AirMap is now mobile-friendly, so you can find out about the air quality while you're on the go!

  •, Caring for the Air Report 2020
    Caring for the Air Report - 2020
    The latest edition of Caring for the Air is packed with news, tips and background information about air quality and climate change issues in our region.

     Metro Vancouver develops and implements plans, policies, regulations and projects that improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These plans and policies are supported by comprehensive monitoring of outdoor air quality, and tracking of emissions in the Lower Fraser Valley airshed.

 We Work On

  • Putting Plans into Action

    ​We work collaboratively with many agencies to implement actions within several plans:  The Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan, our Corporate Climate Change Action Plan, the Regional Ground-level Ozone Strategy.
  • Measuring Air Quality

    We monitor outdoor air quality and track air emissions in the region to provide the information base for regional air quality and greenhouse gas planning and management efforts.
  • Climate Change Programs

    Our Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan includes a goal to “Minimize the region’s contribution to global climate change”. This includes strategies and actions for Metro Vancouver, the region’s municipalities and other partners to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the region.
  • Information for the Public

    ​We produce easy-to-read materials to help everyone understand air quality and climate change issues in our region. You can also make an air quality complaint; participate in our wood stove exchange program; or learn about electric vehicles.
  • Air Quality Regulatory Program

    We regulate air quality in the Metro Vancouver region and control residential, industrial and commercial emissions. You can submit an air quality complaint; apply for an air emissions permit, or complete a regulation registration form.

Projects and Initiatives

  • Regional Ground-Level Ozone Strategy

    ​This strategy builds on previous efforts to address summertime peak ozone levels, but also guides policy direction on ozone levels throughout the year.

  • Small Business Program

    This program helps small and medium-sized businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Non-Road Diesel Engine Emission Regulation

    The regulation applies to non-road diesel engines in Metro Vancouver that are 25hp or greater with focus on older (Tier 0 and Tier 1) engines, but also limits the exhaust opacity and idling of all non-road diesel engines.
  • Wood Stove Exchange Program

    Looking for some heat, without all the smoke? You could receive a rebate of up to $400 on a new low-emission appliance in exchange for your old uncertified wood-burning fireplace, stove or appliance.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    Interested in installing a public electric charging station? Learn more about getting started.


For information about Public Consultation related to air quality bylaw and regulation development please see the Public Consultation page.

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