Parks & Environment

    Parks & Environment is responsible for the provision of regional parks, and for developing and implementing plans, policies, regulations and projects that improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 We Work On

  • Environmental Regulatory & Enforcement Services

    The Environmental Regulatory and Enforcement Services team protects public health, the environment, utility infrastructure and worker safety by enforcing and promoting compliance with bylaws, regulations and codes of practice related to: non-domestic sewerage from industrial, commercial and institutional sources, air emissions from industries, trades, businesses, activities, operations and residences, and the management of municipal solid waste and recyclable materials at privately owned solid waste facilities. This Division issues permits and licenses to promote compliance with regional bylaws that protect the environment and conserve resources.

  • Regional Parks

    Metro Vancouver’s regional parks system protects more than 13,000 hectares of the region’s important natural landscapes and habitats. Within the context of natural area protection, Regional Parks provides opportunities for the region’s residents to experience, enjoy and connect with nature.

  • Air Quality & Climate Change

    The Air Quality and Climate Change team develops plans, policies, and regulations to improve air quality, reduce pollution and address climate change. This work is supported by air quality monitoring, emissions tracking in the Lower Fraser Valley airshed and air contaminant testing. The Division also tests air emissions and liquid waste discharges to support compliance with permits and bylaws. The Climate 2050 Strategic Framework works with strategic partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare our communities to be resilient to the impacts of a changing climate.

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