Liquid Waste Services Department

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  • Wastewater Treatment

    Metro Vancouver operates five wastewater treatment plants and a regional sewer system that process over 1 billion litres of wastewater every day. As part of the treatment process, we recover resources from wastewater to produce energy and biosolids.
  • Environmental Management and Testing

    ​Testing and monitoring ensures that wastewater systems are working properly and that we are meeting environmental requirements. We monitor sewer overflows and wastewater treatment processes and test areas where wastewater is discharged, including 41 swimming areas around the region. 

  • Stormwater and Drainage

    Managing stormwater helps protect the health of urban waterways. Metro Vancouver supports local governments with best practices, coordinating committees and other resources. We are also responsible for maintaining two urban drainage areas.
  • Preventing Problems in Your Pipes

    Our system was not designed to handle wipes, grease, chemicals and many other things that we put into it. Through regulations and public education, we work to keep these things out of the wastewater system and our environment.
  • Construction, Maintenance and Community Engagement

    To protect public health and the environment in a growing region, we upgrade and build infrastructure to meet current and future needs. This includes seismic upgrades, sewer maintenance, expanding wastewater treatment facilities and building new ones. Community engagement and sustainable practices are a key part of our projects.
  • Liquid Waste Management Plan

    This overarching plan sets the direction and priorities for wastewater management for the region. Its main goals are to protect public health and the environment, use wastewater as a resource and minimize treatment costs. It lays out the priorities for wastewater initiatives, including new infrastructure, identifying additional future needs and recovering resources from wastewater.

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