Regional Employers Services (RES)

    ​We provide human resource, workforce and labour relations services to municipalities within the Metro Vancouver region.

    We also act as a forum where municipalities can connect, share and leverage information. Municipalities work together on matters of common interest, benefiting from the coordination and leadership we offer. Municipalities can access workforce data, research, advice, advocacy, and service tailored to the strategic needs and goals of their municipality.

 We Work On

  • Information & Advisory Services

    ​Provides advice, research, and specialized support on matters related to human resources and labour relations. Coordinates issues of common interest.

  • Collective Bargaining

    ​Services ranging from leading negotiations to managing supportive functions involving bargaining planning, preparation, costing, and records management.

  • Compensation Services

    ​Job evaluation services as well as representation and support in related disputes and arbitrations.

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