External Relations Department

    The External Relations department supports the achievement of Metro Vancouver’s goals by:

    • Building public awareness, understanding and alignment with regional services and policies,
    • Enhancing communication and collaboration with member municipalities, and
    • Effectively engaging other levels of government in support of regional priorities.
  • Providing Information on Regional Services

    Keeping citizens informed and responding to questions about the wide range of regional services through a variety of approaches, including web and social media, multi-media productions and television shows, and open relationships with television, radio, print and online journalists.
  • Giving Voice to the Region’s Priorities

    Reaching out and engaging other levels of government and their agencies to build a common understanding of regional priorities and secure political support and funding for key regional programs, initiatives and capital projects.
  • Enabling Effective Dialogues

    Providing a regional forum for stakeholders – businesses, NGOs, institutions, and citizens, along with member municipalities – to share ideas, concerns and priorities, and develop consensus around regional issues. Working internationally to share and learn best practices.
  • Encouraging New Behaviours

    Citizens and businesses can help move our region onto a more sustainable path by adopting new, everyday practices. Communication campaigns and engagement programs connect with audiences to inform and educate on important issues such as generating less waste, recycling more, conserving water and energy, and reducing sewage contaminants.

Projects and Initiatives

  • Caring for the Air

    Check out our new flip-book version of Caring for the Air to learn about the “state of the air” in the Lower Mainland, green transportation options and other initiatives that protect air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Create Memories not Garbage

    An advertising campaign aimed at reducing waste at Christmas, with humour or unusual twists to model the desired behaviour – giving gifts of time, experiences or long-lasting gifts.
  • hey! Food isn’t Garbage

    As of January 2015, all organic materials, like food scraps, are banned from the garbage. This advertising campaign aims to build awareness that all of us, whether at home, work or play, will have to separate food scraps from garbage and put them in the green bin.
  • Metro Vancouver Close Up

    A TV and web series that profiles member municipalities, connecting regional goals and aspirations with actions at the local level.
  • Metro Vancouver Update

    Metro Vancouver Update provides a monthly update about some of the important projects and initiatives throughout the region.
  • National Zero Waste Council

    Bringing together governments, businesses, and non-government organizations to advance a national waste prevention and reduction agenda in Canada.
  • Sustainability Community Breakfasts

    ​A monthly breakfast series on regional issues bringing together individuals and organizations and building networks and partnerships to increase awareness and understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to regional sustainability.
  • The Sustainable Region

    A monthly TV show featuring the people involved in designing the systems - like water, waste, transportation, food, housing, culture - that together make this region great.
  • Zero Waste Conference

    circular economy success stories/ waste prevention innovations/ local and global perspectives/ thought-provoking speakers

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