Chief Administrative Officer
    • Ravi Chhina, Deputy CAO, Operations
      Human Resources & Corporate Services
      Housing Operations
      Regional Parks
      Regulation and Enforcement

    • Sandra Jansen, General Manager
      External Relations
    • Dean Rear, General Manager and CFO
      Financial Services
    • Jessica Beverley, General Manager
      Legal Services & Indigenous Relations
    • Nick Kassam, General Manager
      Procurement & Real Estate Services

    • Heather McNell, Deputy CAO, Policy and Planning
      Air Quality and Climate Change
      Housing Planning & Development
      Invest Vancouver
      Regional Planning and Electoral Area A Services
    • Peter Navratil, General Manager
      Liquid Waste Services
    • Cheryl Nelms, General Manager
      Project Delivery
    • Paul Henderson, General Manager
      Solid Waste Services
    • Marilyn Towill, General Manager
      Water Services