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Our engineers are on the frontlines of innovative, large-scale and award-winning projects. They work on projects with a diverse range of scale, scope and field, including civil, structural, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical.

Known for infrastructure design and expertise, our engineers work on world-class projects that support and enhance our livable region.

Meaningful work

Our engineers know they are making a difference – creating a better quality of life for the people who call this region home. Our dedication to social, economic and environmental leadership forms the foundation of all of our work. We are active participants in and supporters of activities and charitable events that have a positive impact and strengthen our communities.

Shape a place where people want to be.

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Engineering opportunities



Project EngineerProject Engineer<div class="ExternalClassB5B47DF59D7945B38A9F4DB4FCEA2FD7"><p>​The work is incredibly dynamic and diverse. Every day, I get the chance to tackle a new, interesting challenge. </p></div>Sara Z., Sara
Senior Project Engineer Senior Project Engineer <div class="ExternalClass67B0BDFFE4F84BD8BABF0A06CEBFC21D"><p>I get to work with a variety of people - the design and field engineers of different disciplines, contractors, vendors, programmers and our construction and operation and maintenance staff.</p></div>Adeline C., Adeline
Richard C. Richard C. <div class="ExternalClass61E71A73E1D94B249F8D81F56B1E1AD0"><p>​This is a great place to start your career. I get to see projects through from inception, to conceptual and detailed design, to construction and contract administration.</p></div>Lead Senior Engineer, Richard