Engineer in Training Program

“The EIT program allowed me to explore different opportunities in the organization and find a permanent position that I really love. During my EIT rotations I worked on a variety of projects throughout the organization. I designed a 60” steel water main, worked on improving water quality, trouble shot the filter-aid polymer delivery system for commissioning of the Seymour Capilano Water Filtration Plant, as well as many other interesting smaller projects. I now work in the Solid Waste Planning Division and do technical research for policies such as Metro Vancouver’s recent Organics Disposal Ban. It feels really good to go to work knowing that every day I am part of a team that creates positive change for now and the future for where we live, work and play.”

Karen S.
Senior Project Engineer


Recognized for large-scale, award-winning infrastructure design and expertise, Metro Vancouver takes care of 2.4 million people. We’re shaping a region, and engineers play a huge role.

You’ll be involved with important work from your first week. Make connections, sharpen your skills, shape the region. Metro Vancouver’s EIT program features:

  • a four-year development plan customized to your interests, goals and aspirations
  • detailed learning and performance objectives set by you and your manager
  • a path to assist you in meeting APEGBC requirements for your P.Eng. designation as quickly as possible

Complex, innovative and interesting projects

Projects our EITs have been involved with:

  • $600 million Seymour-Capilano Water Filtration Plant project
  • Secondary treatment upgrades to the Iona and Lions Gate Waste Water Treatment Plants

Your Career, Your Development

Enhance your hands-on experience with formal opportunities for personal and career development through our:

  • training that supports you in your daily work and personal career goals
  • Leadership Development Programs, aimed at future leaders
  • Supervisory Development Program—for supervisory skills enrichment
  • coaching and mentorship programs to offer continual support
  • health and safety training courses
  • Lunch ’n’ Learn sessions on corporate initiatives and general-interest issues.

Diverse Rotational Assignments

Over your first two years as an EIT, you’ll get hands-on, practical experience during rotating assignments.

  • Learn key technical, operational and analysis aspects of our Engineering & Construction, Operations & Maintenance and Policy & Planning departments.
  • Make steady progress through your APEGBC requirements as you grow in level of skill and responsibility.
  • Benefit from being partnered with an experienced P.Eng. during each assignment.

You will have an opportunity to work in each of our core services:

And there will be opportunities in each of these aspects of engineering:

  • Planning/Design
  • Project Delivery/Construction
  • Operations/Maintenance

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We will work with you to help you find a mentor who will support you in the development of the professional and personal skills that play an integral role in your success. In addition to a professional mentor, a peer from the previous cohort will be assigned to help you settle into your new work environment.

Why Choose Metro Vancouver's EIT Program?

We offer a supportive environment, interesting work, competitive salaries and generous employee benefits. As a Metro Vancouver EIT, you’ll benefit from:

  • A lifelong learning environment and structured programs that encourage you to thrive in your personal and career development
  • Exceptional rotational assignments all located in the lower mainland
  • A positive, employee-focused workplace that encourages employees to live a balanced lifestyle and give back to their community
  • Year-round activities and events that contribute to the growth and success of our employees and the region we’re shaping.