Benefits at a glance

Metro Vancouver offers a competitive benefits package that includes:

  1. Health and dental plans

    We provide coverage for extended health and dental for employees and their dependents. Our extended health benefits include comprehensive vision care, physiotherapy, massage, and other therapeutic treatments.

  2. Pension

    Our participation in a defined-benefit pension plan provides access to a lifetime pension upon retirement, in addition to group health and dental coverage.

  3. Vacation and other paid leave

    Our vacation entitlements and other paid leaves support our employees in maintaining work-life balance.

  4. Insurance benefits

    In the unlikely event of injury, illness or death, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to employees.

  5. Employee and family assistance

    We are pleased to provide access to free and confidential counselling services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Employees and their dependents are eligible for this free benefit.

  6. Wellness program, on-site gyms, fitness classes

    We care about our employees’ health and wellness. Our MetroFit programs provide access to on-site fitness facilities, a massage therapy clinic, a flu shot program and wellness events to support physical, mental, financial and social health.

  7. Subsidized transit passes, carpool and car-share option

    We are proud to provide subsidies on monthly transit passes, access to a carpool program and bike storage rooms with change room/shower facilities.

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Training and career development

Our success depends on the knowledge and skills of our people. You’ll grow as a result of your involvement in meaningful, diverse and innovative work. And you’ll learn from the extensive opportunities we provide for you to thrive in your personal, technical and career development.

  1. Training to advance your skills

    Metro Vancouver is committed to supporting our employees and their learning and development needs. We strive to create an environment of continuous professional development and recognize that providing thought-provoking, engaging learning and training opportunities for our people is vital to the success of our organization and this beautiful region we call home.

    Whether you want to improve your public speaking, brush up on some computer courses or fine tune your project management skills, we have an extensive list of courses for everyone.

  2. Supervisory and leadership training

    To continue to deliver the essential core services that we provide, it is crucial that we have skilled, inspirational supervisors and managers leading the way. We currently have three unique in-house supervisory and leadership development programs that are specifically designed to equip our people with the essential leadership and people management skills that will enable us to achieve our organizational goals and to maintain the sustainability and livability of the region.

  3. Apprenticeship training

    Metro Vancouver offers an internal Apprenticeship Training Program for employees who are interested in developing their technical skills and want to move into a skilled trades role. Some of the trades that we offer internal apprenticeships for include:

    • Carpenter
    • Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
    • Industrial Instrument Mechanic (Instrument Mechanic)
    • Industrial Electrician (Electrician)
    • Welder
    • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Garage Mechanic)
    • Steamfitter/Pipefitter (Pipefitter)
  4. Support for education

    Metro Vancouver offers financial support for employees who are looking to further their education and develop their knowledge and skills through our Corporate Development Fund.




Water Treatment ForemanWater Treatment Foreman<div class="ExternalClass71D9AB3D39CA4679AA7B8A3A93F6CDB8"><p>The work at Metro Vancouver is interesting, challenging and rewarding. Through my 12 years working for the company I believe they genuinely care for their employees.</p></div>Clayton D., Clayton
WWTP Operator IVWWTP Operator IV<div class="ExternalClass5DB0DD348F4647938848C037D88B425F"><p>Employee safety is a priority for Metro Vancouver and they are committed to ensuring every employee finishes their shift safely.</p></div>Craig M., Craig
Communications & Education CoordinatorCommunications & Education Coordinator<div class="ExternalClass11CCB8650F694C0FA06C467978AAE3FB"><p>The people here at Metro Vancouver really make my experience great. I really appreciate the diversity of the work and the culture of open communication here.</p></div>Stephanie L., Stephanie