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Park Features at a glance
Public Phone Heritage Site / Building 
Trail Information
Hiking / Walking 10 km  Horseback riding 0 km  Cycling 0 km 
Maps and Directions
Park trails fan out from the large Quarry Road Entrance. From Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam, turn north on Coast Meridian and travel 2.5 km to Victoria Drive. Follow Victoria Drive for 1 km to the crest of the hill and make a deliberate left turn to stay on Victoria. Travel northeast for 3.5 km to the park entrance on Quarry Road.
To get to the small parking lot at Minnekhada Lodge from Lougheed Highway, turn north on Coast Meridian. Turn right on Prairie Avenue, and left on Cedar Drive. Cedar Drrive continues to Oliver Road and the park entrance. Parking and access may be limited during private events.
Park Hours
In general, parks are open during daylight hours. For specific hours see PDF below.

Park Hours
Reservable Facilities:

 Minnekhada Lodge - an elegant heritage building that is home to numerous weddings and corporate events.

Other Info
Covering more than 200 hectares, Minnekhada Regional Park is home to the Minnekhada Lodge, one of the Metro Vancouver’s premier heritage buildings and the site of many elegant weddings and other functions. Contact Parks Bookings and Reservations or call 604-432-6352 for more information or to book the lodge.
Dog Information
Dogs are welcome but must be leashed and under control at all times. Dogs are not allowed in Minnekhada Lodge. Please scoop up your dog's poop and dispose of it properly.
The first floor of Minnekhada Lodge is wheelchair accessible, although the washrooms are not. The pit toilet at Quarry Road is wheelchair accessible, but some may have difficulty along the narrow path to the toilet and at the lip at the door. The picnic area near the lodge does not have any accessible tables and the pit toilet is not wheelchair accessible.
Trail Accessibility:

Lodge Trail is surfaced with loose gravel and has one steep slope (18% for 12 m) plus additional steep slopes of 12%.

Cliff Trail has a natural soil surface and steep sections.

Meadow Trail  is surfaced with loose gravel and has some steep slopes (14.3% for 9.4 m). Roots, rocks, and other obstacles may create a barrier for some users.

Log Walk Trail is narrow with a packed dirt surface.
Quarry Trail is narrow with a packed dirt surface and steep slopes.
Park SafetyUsing the Park Safely:
Prepare for your visit to a regional park before you leave home. more...
Bears sightings are common in the park. Please exercise caution and obey all signs. Visitors are reminded that they should not feed or approach wildlife. For more information about bears and safety please visit the Get Bear Smart Society. (external website)
Parks Field Trips

Contact Us
The calendar fills quickly so please plan to register two months in advance of your preferred date. Book on-line or call 604-432-6359 for more information.

Park Partners
The Pacific Parklands Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks.  For information or to make a donation, visit
With the variety of ways to get actively involved in Regional Parks, there’s bound to be something for you! Explore the opportunities in the Park Partnership Program.
For Information, Questions, or Comments
Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Central Area Office: 604-520-6442
Pacific Parklands Foundation
Pacific Parklands Foundation
Founded in 2000, Pacific Parklands Foundation (PPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks. An arm’s length organization, PPF is valuable to Metro Vancouver as a fundraising body dedicated to regional parks projects, youth environmental leadership, volunteers and regional parks associations, and the commemorative and memorial gifts program.
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