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Regional Parks & Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve 

An “Air Quality Advisory” has been issued for the Metro Vancouver area; when in effect, all campfires are banned in Regional Parks until such time as the advisory is lifted.

 Park and Trail Advisories

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Belcarra Regional Park
Picnic Shelter Water Tap OUT OF SERVICE
Due to a broken water line, the tap located beside the Belcarra Picnic Area shelters will be out of service until further notice.
Drinking water is available from the sinks inside the washroom building. Because filling large containers from the sinks is difficult, visitors needing a large water supply for their picnic or gathering may wish to bring their own. For more information call 604-520-6442.
Woodhaven Swamp Loop Trail: UPGRADE UNDERWAY
Work on trail improvements has started and is anticipated to last until the end of the year.  The trail will remain open but visitors should be prepared for delays; use alternate routes; and expect to encounter construction equipment.  Visitors are reminded to follow posted safety signs.  For more information, call 604-520-6442.
Boundary Bay Regional Park
Storm impacts in the park
At times, the wind and waves may wash out sections of trails in the park, flood areas and leave behind debris. Crews will be repair the trailsl as conditions allow. Please be aware that trails may be closed at times because of unsafe conditions. Please obey any posted signs.
Burnaby Lake Regional Park
Work on the Equestrian Loops is anticipated to start September 08 and continue for about six weeks. Visitors should be prepared for delays; use alternate routes; and expect to encounter construction equipment along the trail. Visitors are reminded to follow posted safety signs. For more information, call 604-520-6442.
Campbell Valley Regional Park
Construction of new West Valley Pedestrian Connector Trail
The West Valley Pedestrian Connector Trail project includes construction of a new pedestrian trail and boardwalk that will connect the North Valley entrance to the Perimeter Trail on the west side of the park. (Please see map.)The trail will include forest and wetland experiences and a gentle slope with stairs over the western escarpment. Walkers, joggers and parents with trail strollers will be able to complete new circuits without travel on the Shaggy Mane Trail.
Construction will begin November 2013 and continue through Summer 2014. Construction resuming - expect completion Winter 2014! During this time, park visitors may encounter construction noise and equipment. For your safety, please obey all signs, and stay away from work crews and equipment.
For more information, please contact Regional Parks East Area Office at 604-530-4983.
Capilano River Regional Park
Construction activity near the Capilano Salmon Hatchery
A project to stabilize groundwater sources has started on the slope northeast of the hatchery building. Drilling may result in noise for periods of time. Our apologies for any inconvenience that the work causes.
East Service Road closures, weekdays 7 am to 5:30 pm
Because of upgrades to a drinking water project, parts of the  East Service Road will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. The section of the East Service Road affected runs from the picnic area at Cleveland Dam to the intersection with Palisades Trail. The closures will be in effect until spring 2015.
Changes to access at Cleveland Dam entrance
Because of work related to ongoing water projects, the stairway from the Cleveland Dam parking area is temporarily closed. Park visitors may still park in the lot, but will have to retrace their steps to Capilano Road to enter the park through the main gate.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.
Colony Farm Regional Park
Annual Dyke Mowing STARTS OCT 27
This routine maintenance work involves cutting vegetation from the top to the toe of the dyke. It is a requirement to facilitate dyke inspection during high storm and annual freshet events. Mowing is also scheduled to minimize impacts on birds and other wildlife. The work is anticipated to take about two weeks.
Dyke trails will remain open but visitors should expect to encounter vehicles and equipment; and are reminded to follow posted safety signs. For more information, call 604-520-6442.
Deas Island Regional Park
Storm impacts in the park
High water levels caused by wind and tides have flooded parts of the park including the Island Tip Trail. As the tides change, water levels are expected to drop, but please be aware that significant debris may be on the trails.
Derby Reach Regional Park
Camper Notice – Early Seasonal Closure
Waterline construction may close campground as early as October 19. Latest closure will be November 2.
Call (604) 530-4983 for availability.
Thanks for staying with us!
Iona Beach Regional Park
Closure of trails on Iona Jetty
Crews will be upgrading the protection to the Iona Outfall (part of the Iona Waste Water Treatment Plant). The work is needed to repair damage caused by wind and waves.
The pedestrian trail on top of the jetty is open up to the work site. Beyond that point, the jetty trail is closed.
The lower (cyclist/pedestrian) trail is closed in its entirety.
For your safety, please stay away from construction areas and obey signage and directions from work crews.
Work is expected to continue to December 2014.
Our apologies for any inconvenience.
For more information, call 604-432-6200.
Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Metro Vancouver Supporting the NSMBA Trail Adoption Program (TAP)
Metro Vancouver is supporting the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) in their commitment to trail maintenance and restoration. Please expect some work to be underway on the following trails this season within the LSCR: Circuit-8, Corkscrew, TNT, Dale’s, and Forever After. Please note that this work will include the removal of structures in unsatisfactory condition. Your patience is appreciated while this work is being carried out. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NSMBA or LSCR staff at or 604.432.6200.
Reuse and Recycle, Lumber to Go
LSCR Waste Stream Diversion Facility
The LSCR is committed to reducing waste and we are taking an innovative approach to waste management. Twelve of our garbage only cans have been removed from the trail network and re-located to the main parking lot, creating a recycling-focused Waste Stream Diversion Facility. LSCR visitors will now be able to sort their waste by type. Examples include Bottles and Cans, Dog Waste, Food Waste, and Mixed Paper. When you visit the LSCR, please help our initiative by sorting your waste accordingly. The proper sorting of waste products will prevent the majority of LSCR waste from entering permanent landfill storage. If you pack it in, please pack it out to the LSCR Waste Stream Diversion Facility.
Mountain Bike Structure Decommissioning

Safety inspections of existing mountain bike structures on LSCR land are being conducted. Some mountain bike structures on popular LSCR trails (Ned’s, Dale’s, etc.) have reached their lifespan and may now present a safety hazard to users due to structural or surfacing deficiencies. Those structures deemed to be unsafe and beyond repair are being removed.

Dog Mountain: On-Leash Advisory

All dogs on the Dog Mountain trail are required to be on-leash at all times. This supports Dog Mountain’s status as a sensitive sub-alpine ecosystem in the LSCR Management Plan. Furthermore, it aligns Metro Vancouvers’ dog rules with BC Parks’ in the surrounding area, and supports wildlife and public safety.
PDF icon Dog Mountain Map

Fisherman's Trail Upgrade and 2014 Closures
Expect periodic closures of Fisherman's Trail North of Homestead and up to the Spur 4 trail junction, and from Homestead down the Twin Bridges.
During closures, large machines and trucks may be present not allowing anyone to pass. Set dates are not confirmed, but signage will be posted prior to trail closures.    
With the last major upgrades occuring in the mid-1990's, maintenance is now required to alleviate trail impacts as a result of small slides, erosion, and failing infrastructure.
We are working towards a safer and more sustainable trail network for everyone's enjoyment.
Over the next few years we will be working on:
  • Boardwalk Removal and Repair
  • Trail Re-surfacing
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Bridge Replacements

Expect short delays and work crews in this area. Please contact  with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience.

CBC Trail
The CBC Trail is now open for the 2014 riding season.
The Learning Lodge

Originally constructed as a temporary film set in 1996, the building served the LSCR as an educational and public events venue. The Learning Lodge was removed in July of 2014 due to considerable geotechnical concerns with the slope to the East and its overall poor condition. Work on the site wrapped up in mid-September with the replacement of a water utility drainage pipe, slope stabilization works and restoration of the site. The area will be restored into a picnic area.

Watershed Snowshoe Tours
Mt. Seymour
Enjoy a moderately strenuous snowshoe tour while learning about the role our mountains play in collecting and storing our drinking water. Learn about local plants and animals that call the Seymour Watershed home. Wrap up this fun active tour with a cup of hot cocoa.

Sundays, 9:30am – 1:00 pm
January 18
January 25
February 15
February 22
March 8
March 15

Thursdays, 6:00 - 9:30pm
January 22
February 19
March 12

Ages 18+
$18 with own snowshoes; $25 includes snowshoe rental Registration required. Must be physically capable of hiking up and down steep terrain with snowshoes.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park
Trail Conditions
Dec 15
Sunset is at 4:00PM
In the valley during periods of heavy rain, creek water levels can rise very rapidly making creek crossings difficult or impossible.   Stay well back from the edge of creeks with deep, fast moving water.     Visitors to the alpine areas of the park should be trained and equipped for winter mountain travel and changing weather conditions.   
Drinking fountain winterization
The drinking water fountain in the picnic area has been shut down and winterized as of 15 Dec 2014.    The fountain will be turned back on 1 Mar 2015, weather permitting.   For further information please call 604-224-5739.
Seasonal Backcountry Area closure
All backcountry routes are now closed for the season above Norvan Falls in Lynn Valley and North of Dam Mountain and Thunderbird Ridge in the Grouse Alpine area due to hazardous winter conditions.
Surrey Bend Regional Park
For visitor safety, the park is closed to the public with the exception of the 176 Street service road/trail.
Construction of park facilities including an entry road, parking, trails and washrooms has begun and will continue throughout 2014. In addition, soils surrounding a recently completed Habitat Enhancement Project are extremely soft and can create sinking hazards. The park will remain closed until further notice.
Visitors using the 176 Street service road/trail are reminded that it may also be closed periodically. Please obey all signs and stay away from work crews and equipment. For more information, call 604-520-6442.
Tynehead Regional Park
Gerow Barn Stabilization
Work to protect this heritage building, located along the Tynehead Perimeter Trail near the corner of 176th Street and 96th Avenue, will begin early November and is expected to continue until January 2015.  To retain the original structure, newer parts of the barn will be removed. The foundation will be repaired and gaps in the walls closed with mesh to allow visitors to look inside after the project is completed.
Visitors are reminded to follow posted safety signs and stay outside the safety fence. None of the park’s entrances or trails, including the Tynehead Perimeter Trail, will be affected.
The Gerow Barn (c.1905) is on the City of Surrey’s heritage register and this stabilization project is partially funded by Heritage B.C. For more information, call 604-520-6442.

Pacific Parklands Foundation
Founded in 2000, Pacific Parklands Foundation (PPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks. An arm’s length organization, PPF is valuable to Metro Vancouver as a fundraising body dedicated to regional parks projects, youth environmental leadership, volunteers and regional parks associations, and the commemorative and memorial gifts program.

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