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Information about upcoming monthly Sustainability Community Breakfasts. Presentations and discussions of interest to an ever-growing network of sustainability practitioners.

Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues, Sustainability Community Breakfasts, Discussion Forums & Sustainable Region Initiative Mailing Lists.
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In 2012 Metro Vancouver hosted three dialogue series:

Dematerialization – Transitioning to an Economy Without Waste;
Building Community - Social Connects Matter
Shaping Regional Prosperity and Competitiveness

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Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues 
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Help shape the future of the region by sharing your thoughts with other local experts on innovative solutions to challenging regional issues.

Partnering with Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across Metro Vancouver, the Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues is a key component of the Metro Vancouver's outreach and stakeholder engagement. As the title implies, this series of high-profile debates and discussions is intended to help decision makers shape the future of the region by presenting a range of views which hopefully challenge and stimulate fresh thought on a range of regional issues.

“Our dialogue sessions generate a wealth of information that will help us all — politicians, business, community advocates and citizens alike as we work towards a sustainable future for Metro Vancouver,” said Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore. “Expert panellists and highly–engaged participants have provided fresh and stimulating perspectives on regional issues and while Metro Vancouver may not be able to tackle all the challenges on its own, it can certainly serve as a catalyst in identifying actions and working, with partners, towards their implementation”.

Metro Vancouver will host three Sustainability Dialogue in 2013. For each series, dialogues will be held in Vancouver, South of the Fraser, the Central Northeast Sector and the North Shore.

 Upcoming Dialogues

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