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Water Treatment & Supply 
Every day, more than one billion litres of water flows from our taps without us giving much thought to where the water comes from, how it gets to our homes and businesses, and how much of it we use. Our water is collected from rainfall, snowmelt, creeks and streams in the mountains of the region's watersheds, and flows to us through an enormous network of reservoirs, pumping stations and water mains. 

Metro Vancouver’s role in water supply
Metro Vancouver provides a reliable source of safe, high-quality drinking water to its member municipalities at a reasonable cost by:
  • acquiring and maintaining the supply
  • treating it to ensure its quality
  • delivering it to the municipalities.

Municipalities are responsible for conveying the water to residences and businesses in their areas.

Current projects
Metro Vancouver is conducting ongoing projects on the sources and water distribution system to maintain the quality of the region's drinking water as well as meet the needs of an expected population increase of 800,000 people leading up to 2025. Ongoing public involvement and sustainable practices are key elements of the following water projects currently underway.

 Current water projects

Coquitlam Reservoir- NEW UV plant in operation
Metro Vancouver, in cooperation with the City of Coquitlam, has undertaken a major water utility project at the Coquitlam watershed to ensure the region will continue to have high-quality drinking water. The new ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection facility has been treating Coquitlam source water since early 2014.

Seymour-Capilano Filtration Plant - in operation
The Seymour-Capilano Filtration Plant, the largest of its kind in Canada, currently treats water from the Seymour Reservoir. When the twin tunnels are complete (click here for more info), the Plant will treat 1.8 billion litres of water from both the Seymour and Capilano sources. The Plant is located in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.


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