Water Services

The Water Services Department provides clean, safe drinking water through its member municipalities for 2.5 million residents in the Lower Mainland. The water comes from rain and snowmelt from the Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam Watersheds .

Our drinking water is treated in modern, world-class drinking water treatment facilities, and meets Health Canada’s standards for quality. Over 30, 000 samples of our water are tested every year.

Clean, safe drinking water is a valuable resource, even in the Lower Mainland where it often rains well over a metre each year. Still, in drier months we must use our water wisely.

Operating our vast drinking water system, with expansive infrastructure and a growing population, requires constant upgrades, improvements, repairs and expansion.

Metro Vancouver develops long-range plans for water storage, treatment and distribution and regularly reports on progress.

Drinking Water Management Plan