Regional Planning Services

Regional Planning is responsible for developing, implementing and stewarding Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040), the regional growth strategy. Metro 2040 strives to prevent urban sprawl, focus growth in good, transit-oriented locations to support the development of complete communities with a range of housing, jobs and amenities, protect the region’s vital agricultural, conservation and industrial lands, prepare for the impacts of climate change, and support a vibrant, diverse economy and mobility for all. This long-range plan that strives to manage anticipated growth to the region was co-created and supported by all municipalities in the region as well as TransLink and Metro Vancouver. 

In support of Metro 2040, Regional Planning analyzes and communicates data, conducts policy research to support and guide decision makers, convenes stakeholders on planning issues of common interest, advocates to other levels of government, acts as a planning resource for municipalities and others, and aspires to leadership and innovation by looking at best practices and tools around the world and finding innovative ways to land them in our region.

Regional Growth Strategy - Metro 2040: Shaping Our Future