Electoral Area A

Metro Vancouver has 23 members: 21 municipalities, one treaty First Nation and one electoral area. The electoral area is the unincorporated area of the regional district.

​Metro Vancouver acts as the local government for Electoral Area A, providing certain key services. Electoral Area A occupies approximately 818 Km2 of land and includes the following communities and inhabited areas:

  • Lands along Howe Sound, located between the District of West Vancouver and Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (excluding the Village of Lions Bay). This includes the communities of Ocean Point, Strachan Point and Montizambert Wynd.
  • Bowyer and Passage Islands (in Howe Sound)
  • Northern portion of Indian Arm
  • Boulder Island and Carraholly Point (at the southern end of Indian Arm)
  • West side of Pitt Lake
  • Barnston Island (in the Fraser River, west of Golden Ears Bridge)
  • University Endowment Lands (includes most of Pacific Spirit Regional Park)
  • ​University of British Columbia (including University Neighbourhoods)

The area varies from urban, suburban, seasonal use, to rural and remote.