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Metro Vancouver Tightens Rules for Older Non-Road Diesel Engines Vancouver Tightens Rules for Older Non-Road Diesel Engines594Metro Vancouver Tightens Rules for Older Non-Road Diesel EnginesGP0|#a13888d6-e3fb-4505-b958-3b345e340213;L0|#0a13888d6-e3fb-4505-b958-3b345e340213|Air Quality;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClass430744F508BE47D6B98E8459E3E60B5F"><p>​Owners of older forklifts, excavators and other non-road diesel engines have until the end of January 2020 to register their equipment with Metro Vancouver in order to continue using them across the region.</p></div>2019-12-05T08:00:00Zstring;#2019
Metro Vancouver's Chair and Vice Chair Acclaimed for Second Term Vancouver's Chair and Vice Chair Acclaimed for Second Term593Metro Vancouver's Chair and Vice Chair Acclaimed for Second Term GP0|#8b686698-007d-454e-9ee6-18f1f673b7fd;L0|#08b686698-007d-454e-9ee6-18f1f673b7fd|Board & Information;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClass96ED5F611EB743DC864952C5DA0123C9"><font face="Calibri" size="3"><font face="Calibri" size="3">Burnaby Councillor Sav Dhaliwal and City of North Vancouver Mayor Linda Buchanan have been acclaimed as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors for their second term. </font></font></div>2019-11-29T08:00:00Zstring;#2019
Tis The Season To Create Memories, Not Garbage The Season To Create Memories, Not Garbage592Tis The Season To Create Memories, Not GarbageGP0|#8fb49f9f-995b-4599-996f-83d874daad35;L0|#08fb49f9f-995b-4599-996f-83d874daad35|Solid Waste;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClassA4823F6DD27C401EB4ED3A5F1ACCDB7C"><p>​With the holiday season upon us, Metro Vancouver wants to help residents think sustainably this Christmas, with its annual <a href="/services/solid-waste/reduction-reuse/create-memories/"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Create Memories, Not Garbage</span></a> campaign. For almost a decade, this popular holiday waste reduction initiative has promoted experience-based, low-waste gift and decorating ideas so that fewer pieces of packaging and unwanted gifts end up being thrown away.</p></div>2019-11-25T08:00:00Zstring;#2019
Cancellation of Air Quality Bulletin of Air Quality Bulletin591Cancellation of Air Quality BulletinGP0|#a13888d6-e3fb-4505-b958-3b345e340213;L0|#0a13888d6-e3fb-4505-b958-3b345e340213|Air Quality;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClass95DB772A1EB343AEB3FE4F5922F107C6"><p>Metro Vancouver has ended the fine particulate matter Air Quality Bulletin for Metro Vancouver and the Central Fraser Valley that has been in effect since Friday, November 1st. Air quality has improved due to changes in the weather that have increased dispersion of air contaminants from emissions sources in the region.</p> </div>2019-11-06T08:00:00Zstring;#2019
Metro Vancouver Releases 10 Year Housing Plan Vancouver Releases 10 Year Housing Plan590Metro Vancouver Releases 10 Year Housing Plan GP0|#0520d522-f5ff-4879-a08f-469e2b35e960;L0|#00520d522-f5ff-4879-a08f-469e2b35e960|Housing;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClass8C880FA1F5904DDBA66DD0EBEACC9719"><p>​Metro Vancouver Housing today unveiled its 10-Year Housing Plan, which outlines plans to invest approximately $190 million in affordable housing over the next decade with the goal to provide 1,350 new and redeveloped units in the region. </p></div>2019-11-05T08:00:00Zstring;#2019