By Using Their Green Bins, Metro Vancouverites Are Making a Difference

Hey! Food scraps aren’t garbage! Food scraps need to be separated from regular garbage. They belong in the green bin. This applies to everyone in the region, including all homes, businesses, schools, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Composting food scraps is an easy way to have a big impact in our region. By using their green bins, Metro Vancouverites have:

  • Saved 420,000 tonnes of food scraps from the garbage in 2021.
  • Prevented over 1.1 million tonnes of greenhouse gases since 2015 – comparable to taking 250,000 cars off the road!
  • Diverted enough organic material to create 140,000 tonnes of finished compost in 2021 – enough to cover more than twice the area of downtown Vancouver!

Putting food scraps in the green bin instead of the garbage is an easy way to reduce your impact on the climate. If you’re not using yours, or could use it more often, here are some tips to get started! Find out more.