Food Scraps Recycling

Hey! Food Isn’t Garbage!

Hey! Food isn’t garbage! This applies to everyone in our region including all homes and apartments, businesses, schools, grocery stores and restaurants. Food scraps (raw food, plate scrapings, leftovers, depackaged food, meat, etc.) need to be separated from regular garbage.


Grease and Chopsticks Aren’t Garbage Either!

Did you know that small amounts of fat and grease and wooden chopsticks can also be collected with your food scraps?

  • Grease: includes small amounts (1-2 tablespoons or less) of fats, oils, and grease from everyday cooking and foods like salad dressing and yogurt. These go in the green bin, not the sink.
  • Chopsticks: disposable wooden chopsticks (the kind wrapped in paper that you get with takeout) can go in your green bin, along with other wooden products like skewers or cutlery.

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