Political leadership is provided by three Boards of Directors drawn from elected officials appointed by their respective municipal councils. The number of directors appointed from each municipality relates to the population. The formula is one vote for every 20,000 people, up to a maximum of five votes.

There are four local government boards:

  • Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD)
  • Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD)
  • Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD)
  • Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation 

At the board inaugural meeting held in November, a chair and vice chair are elected. After the inaugural meeting, the chair determines the committees and their membership. Committees of the board consider priorities, policies and activities for the organization, and recommendations to the board.

Electoral Area A is slightly different, as there is no local council. Voters elect a director to the board for a four year term.

The Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation (MVH) owns and operates 49 affordable rental housing sites across the Lower Mainland, providing housing for close to 9,500 people. MVHC was incorporated under the Business Corporation Act of British Columbia. MVHC Board member appointments mirror the appointments made to the MVRD Board.