Phase 1 – Engagement Summary

The first phase of public engagement for the Liquid Waste Management Plan took place between October 25 and November 30, 2021. During this time, we listened to ideas and gathered feedback on the direction for the next plan.

The Public Engagement Summary Report for the first phase of engagement is now complete. Your feedback will inform the next engagement phase, which includes developing draft goals, strategies and actions for the updated plan. Some key themes that emerged during engagement include: improving local ecosystem health for recreational, agricultural, and Indigenous uses; being resilient to climate change; ensuring everyone has access to clean waterways, including future generations; and keeping rates affordable and fair.

There will be additional opportunities to share your input in the second phase of engagement, which is scheduled to take place in fall 2022. Thank you to everyone who participated in this engagement and we look forward to hearing from you as we move to the next phase of the project.

 Phase 1 Public Engagement Summary Report

Watch the public webinar recording, November 9 & 16, 2021

Liquid Waste Management Plan Update - Share your ideas!

Project Overview

Metro Vancouver is reviewing and updating the Liquid Waste Management Plan.

Our current Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan, approved by the provincial government in 2011, established the coordinated approach for wastewater management in the Metro Vancouver region. It sets out goals, strategies and actions for Metro Vancouver and our member jurisdictions that help ensure the protection of public health and the environment, while using wastewater as a resource and minimizing treatment costs.

Metro Vancouver is updating the liquid waste management plan to:

  • ensure continued protection of human health and the environment
  • reflect current and emerging societal priorities
  • maintain alignment with legislation
  • align with a broad range of other critical wastewater management initiatives underway across the region
  • incorporate improved technologies and new scientific developments

The review and update process started in 2021 and is expected to take three years. It will be supported by robust public and Indigenous engagement.

Your opinion counts

Metro Vancouver is committed to engaging individuals and organizations who may be impacted by or have an interest in the review and update of the liquid waste management plan. Metro Vancouver will invite the following people and organizations to provide feedback during all phases of engagement:

  • Government and regulatory agencies, including Indigenous Nations and peoples, provincial and federal governments, member jurisdictions, adjacent regional districts, crown corporations and health authorities
  • Commercial, institutional and industrial wastewater generators, and owners/operators of private liquid waste collection, processing and treatment businesses
  • Industry and business associations, professional associations and academic institutions
  • Community, environmental and non-profit groups, NGOs, youth and students, and urban Indigenous peoples
  • Metro Vancouver residents

Public Advisory Committee

The Liquid Waste Management Plan Public Advisory Committee will provide expert knowledge and relevant experience to inform the review and update of the plan. The committee will report out to Metro Vancouver’s Liquid Waste Committee after the second engagement phase. Potential topics for engagement with the advisory committee include managing rainwater and stormwater, managing and treating wastewater, managing assets and risk, innovation, affordability, and collaboration and engagement.

Terms of Reference

  • Deborah Carlson, Co-Chair
  • Stephanie Chang
  • Lauren Brown Hornor
  • Lucero Gonzalez Ruiz
  • Deborah Jones
  • Jacek Redlinski
  • Peter Ross, Co-Chair
  • Chi Ho Sham
  • Graham With

Meeting Summaries and Presentations

Kick-Off Meeting, November 5, 2021:



Meeting #2, December 14, 2021:



Public Engagement Phases

  • Phase 1 (Current)
    • Review current liquid waste management plan and identify successes, opportunities for improvement and gaps.
    • Develop a vision, goals and guiding principles for the updated liquid waste management plan.
  • Engagement Activities:

    Public Webinars – November 9 & 16, 2021




Phase 1 – 2021 True1Phase 1 – 2021 <div class="ExternalClass6E3EB9D950744903A9E578432D3A221D"><p>Vision and Guiding Principles</p></div>
Phase 2 - 2022False2Phase 2 - 2022<div class="ExternalClass69C72E3EC1AF4F67AB6E55754A093263"><p>Goals, Strategies and Actions<br></p></div>
Phase 3 - 2023False3Phase 3 - 2023<div class="ExternalClass64608A9984724E32A243B1FF930AD3C2"><p>Draft Plan<br></p></div>
2023 - 2024False42023 - 2024<div class="ExternalClassDEB4FB0951FE4BA5A8C64B34C620B28F"><p>Plan Approvals</p></div>

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