​With all the rainfall in Metro Vancouver, it can be easy to forget that our treated drinking water doesn’t just fall from the sky.

Our summers can be long and dry – and that's when we use the most water. Making small adjustments to how we use water around our homes can make a big difference in ensuring that we have sufficient drinking water through the drier months.

We must also prepare for changes to rainfall and snowpack due to climate change. In Metro Vancouver, warmer annual temperatures and longer dry spells, combined with reductions in snowpack and earlier spring melt, could put strain on the existing water supply during times of the year when water is in greatest demand.

Our water is a valuable resource, essential to our lives and our natural environment. And a lot of work goes into making it safe for drinking and getting it to your tap. By using a little less and not wasting it, we can continue to meet demand, in any season.




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