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Business Case Total Cost Assesment 

Business Case TCA uses Total Cost Assessment methods to help business owners identify changes to operational practices that can lead to reduced costs and increased profitability while also increasing resource efficiency and reducing pollution.

Please note, User Accounts (including User Name, password and Business Case data) shall be deleted from the database two years after the original date of registration.

Limitations of Business Case TCA

The tax rates and rules that support this software application were current as of December, 2002, and relate to the requirements for the Province of BC and the Government of Canada. Similarly, suggestions on how to estimate regional waste management and permit fees and charges were based on information that was supplied in 2002 and as applied within the Greater Vancouver Region.

The outcomes of any decisions that are made and based on this software, and related documents, are solely the responsibility of the user.

Legal and Privacy Information

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the "Act"), persons may request access to records and information of Metro Vancouver, including the information which you supply to Business Case TCA (Total Cost Assessment). Section 21 of the Act provides that the public body, in this case, the Metro Vancouver, must refuse to disclose that information if it would reveal trade secrets or commercial, financial, labour relations, scientific or technical information that is supplied implicitly or explicitly in confidence and which could reasonably be expected to significantly harm the competitive position or interfere significantly with a third party's negotiating position, or which would result in other harm specified in section 21.

Accordingly, if all or any part of the information which you are supplying to Metro Vancouver falls within section 21 of the Act, you must specifically advise Metro Vancouver of that fact. You can do this by selecting the checkbox on the Register page that is adjacent to this text:

"The information which we are enclosing herewith is supplied explicitly in the strictest confidence. It is commercial, financial and technical information which, if disclosed, would result in significant harm to our competitive position. Accordingly, we request that you treat the information enclosed in the strictest confidence."

Remember: in using Business Case TCA for confidentiality purposes you are able to select a User’s Name and e-mail address that are different from and dissimilar to your business or trade name. In the event of a Freedom of Information request or security breach, saved records cannot be attributed to your operations.

Business Case TCA – Disclaimer

The Register page also includes a checkbox which you must select in order to proceed. The text associated with this is as follows:

"The Metro Vancouver is not responsible for business decisions made resulting from the use of Business Case TCA. You must make your own evaluation of the information obtained from Business Case TCA and satisfy yourself that any decision you make is right for your purposes. You assume all risks in that regard."

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