Water Wagon and Tap Water Team

Metro Vancouver promotes tap water at regional events, so that the quality of the water supply is highlighted, its use for drinking encouraged, and the use of bottled water reduced. Event attendees are able to refill their water bottles at the Water Wagon and learn more about Metro Vancouver’s unique water source.

The Water Wagon is a regional resource, and we are available to attend public events in municipalities whose water is distributed by Metro Vancouver. Events must have access to a municipal water source (tap spigot, not hydrant), and must fulfill other site requirements (please see details in request form below).

The Water Wagon is staffed by an outreach team at all times. There are no costs to event organizers or attendees to have the Water Wagon at events. The Water Wagon is operational from mid-May to the end of September. Please complete the request form to request the Water Wagon at your event.

The 2021 Water Wagon season has been suspended. Please email waterwagon@metrovancouver.org for more details.

Water Wagon