​Project Overview

Metro Vancouver provides clean, safe drinking water to residents and businesses across the region through a system of reservoirs, water mains, and pump stations. Operating our vast drinking water system requires constant upgrades, improvements, repairs, and expansion.

Metro Vancouver is planning to construct a new water pump station along 128 Street at 62A Avenue in the City of Surrey. The existing Newton Pump Station has reached the end of its service life and will be decommissioned following project completion. The new pump station will meet current seismic standards and will help ensure the continued delivery of clean, safe drinking water to a growing population. The City of Surrey will also be upgrading their pump station on the same site from spring 2022 to spring 2023.

 Location: City of Surrey

Project Update

  • Extended Work Hours on Site - posted on January 18, 2023

    Construction crews continue to work hard to complete this essential infrastructure project during the region's low-demand season for drinking water. 

    Work on this phase began in August 2022 and will now continue until late 2023. Phase two involves construction of the new Newton Pump Station and will take place from summer 2023 until late 2025. 

    To maintain our project schedule, crews will continue to work extended hours until mid-April 2023. Typical hours will vary; however, crews will frequently be working between 7:00 am – 1:00 am and on occasion may need to work 24 hours a day.

    Read the full update here

  • Project Activities

    Phase One – Tunnelling

    Construction on the Newton Pump Station Replacement Project will take place in two phases. Phase one will involve tunneling to connect the existing Newton Reservoir to the new Newton Pump Station. Phase one activities include:

    • Excavating and constructing two 12-metre-deep shafts from which tunnelling will take place
    • Using a tunnelling machine to construct a 150-metre-long tunnel, two-meters in diameter
    • Installing two pipes in the tunnel that will connect the existing reservoir to the new pump station

    Phase Two – Pump Station Construction

    Phase two will involve the construction of the new Newton Pump Station. The pump station ensures water can be reliably and efficiently transported through the water distribution system. Phase two activities include:

    • Building a new driveway off 128 Street
    • Excavating a 10-metre deep pit
    • Delivering concrete and materials to the site
    • Constructing the pump station
    • Installing a valve chamber in Newton Reservoir Park
    • Restoring the site to its previous, or better, condition

    During phase one of this project, we will be removing approximately 40 trees and shrubs to the west of the Newton Reservoir in order to build the tunnel exit shaft. During phase two, we will be removing approximately 40 more trees along 128 Street in order to allow for the new pump station to be built. With approval from the City of Surrey, we aim to replant double the amount of trees we remove as part of Metro Vancouver’s commitment to enhancing tree canopy in urban areas. All tree removal and replanting will comply with City of Surrey bylaws. Once construction is complete, landscaping restoration will take place.

    City of Surrey will also be upgrading their pump station on the same site between spring 2022 and spring 2023. Though the majority of work will take place within the pump station, the project also involves the construction of a new, one-story, electrical building above the existing pump station. For any questions regarding the project, please call 604-591-4253 or email EngWebmail@surrey.ca.

  • Managing Noise and Vibration

    Most work on the Newton Pump Station Replacement Project will take place within the Newton Reservoir Works Yard. Neighbors to the work may experience some noise and vibration impacts from the construction activities listed above. We will attempt to reduce noise impacts to nearby residents wherever possible during construction, by:

    • Conducting noise and vibration monitoring
    • Complying with City of Surrey bylaws and granted variances
    • Installing a noise barrier around the work area during construction of the pump station
  • Hours of Work

    Hours of work may change depending on construction needs. If work outside of the typical construction hours is required, Metro Vancouver will apply for a bylaw variance with the City of Surrey.

    Typical hours of work are:

    • Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
    • Saturday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
    • No work on Sundays and holidays




Summer 2022 – Late 2023True3Summer 2022 – Late 2023<div class="ExternalClassF6FBFFADF3A44A19A3D21F88F33A019A">Construction – Phase 1<br></div>
Summer 2023 – Late 2025False4Summer 2023 – Late 2025<div class="ExternalClassC813CDC667384D87A126B0D4E7D87662">Construction – Phase 2<br></div>

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A community liaison has been appointed to this project and will be available to provide updates and respond to questions or concerns as they arise.

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