​Project Overview

Metro Vancouver is replacing the existing Douglas Road Water Main which spans 15 kilometres between North Burnaby and the City of New Westminster. This replacement project has been phased over several years due to the length of the water main and the Still Creek Section is the final phase of the project.

The Still Creek Section is approximately 2.2 kilometres long and is located primarily along Douglas Road in the Still Creek neighbourhood of Burnaby.

The Still Creek South Section is scheduled for fall 2023 until fall 2024. Please see the map below for the project alignment.

The Still Creek North Section started in spring 2021 and will be completed in summer 2023. To learn more about this section of the project, visit the project webpage.

  Location: City of Burnaby



Douglas Road Water MainDouglas Road Water Main744751336

Maps & Schedule

  • Project Activities

    Construction activities for this project will include excavating a trench, installing an approximately 1.5-diameter pipe, installing two valve chambers, and connecting the water main to the existing water distribution system.

  • Traffic and Access

    While construction progresses through the area, some residents and businesses might have temporary driveway access restrictions. The contractor will provide access to properties whenever possible.

    A community liaison has been appointed to this project and is available to listen to concerns and answer questions you may have. If anyone in your home or business has mobility restrictions or medical requirements affecting access, please contact our community liaison at 604-432-6200.

  • Hours of Work

    Hours of work may change depending on construction needs. If work outside of the typical construction hours is required, Metro Vancouver will apply for a bylaw variance with the City of Burnaby.

    Typical hours of work are:

    • Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
    • Saturday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
    • No work on Sundays and holidays




Fall 2023 – Fall 2024False1Fall 2023 – Fall 2024


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