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Metro Vancouver is planning to replace the Central Park Water Main which was built in the 1930s and has reached the end of its service life. The Central Park Water Main is a large water main that spans across the City of Burnaby, this replacement project has been phased over several years and will be constructed in three sections. The Salisbury/18th Street Section is the second section of this project.

The Salisbury/18th Section will start at Elwell Street and head south to 10th Avenue ( please see map below). This section is approximately three kilometres long and construction will take place from fall 2020 to summer 2022.

The first section for the Central Park Water Main is the Mayood Section, this section is located at Patterson Avenue and extends until the intersection of Telford Avenue and Maywood Street. The Maywood Section started in fall 2019 with completion scheduled for fall 2020.

  Location: City of Burnaby



Central Park Water Mail - Alignment - May 2020 Park Water Mail - Alignment - May 2020
Central Park Water Main - Salisbury/18th Section Park Water Main - Salisbury/18th Section

  • Project Activities

    Activities related to water main construction will include delivering equipment, steel pipe, gravel and other materials; cutting pavement, excavating a trench, installing new underground valve chambers, installing the pipe, welding, backfilling the trench and compacting gravel. Following construction, the sections of roadway impacted by construction will be paved and the affected areas nearby will be restored to similar or better condition.

  • Hours of Work

    There may be times when access to residential driveways and parking areas will be restricted due to construction work. Residents will be notified of access restrictions in advance and alternative parking areas. Please follow the direction of signage and detour route signs near the construction area.

    There will be some noise associated with construction work. Crews will attempt, wherever practical, to reduce noise impacts to nearby residents and businesses. All work will comply with City of Burnaby bylaws or granted bylaw variances.

    Typical Hours of Work*
    Monday – Friday 7 AM – 8 PM
    Saturday 9 AM – 8 PM

    *There may be times when crews will need to work longer hours or on weekends to complete certain tasks. All work will comply with City of Burnaby noise bylaws or granted bylaw variances.

  • Other Information

    There will be traffic control personnel on-site, and the work area will be fenced off and restricted to construction personnel. Please follow the direction of traffic control personnel and signage, and use caution when walking, cycling or driving near the construction area.

    Working with the Community
    Metro Vancouver is committed to working closely with the community and the City of Burnaby to ensure concerns and interests are considered as the project continues. Local residents and businesses will receive ongoing notification through newsletters, web updates, email and signage. A Community Liaison is also available to answer questions and listen to concerns throughout the project.




Fall 2019 - Summer 2020True1Fall 2019 - Summer 2020<div class="ExternalClass9C587F3EAAED4430A04FD57080784AE7"><p>​Maywood Section</p></div>
Fall 2020 - Early 2022False2Fall 2020 - Early 2022<div class="ExternalClassF58CC7E596B2429CBAEDC281AC141A41"><p>Salisbury/18th Section</p></div>
Summer 2021 - Winter 2022/23False3Summer 2021 - Winter 2022/23<div class="ExternalClass3C8DC46462A148889DE1FCBC4AD22D10"><p>​Imperial Section</p></div>




Central Park Water Main - Salisbury 18th Section Fact Sheet Park Water Main_Salisbury_JUL2020_FS_v18web.pdfCentral Park Water Main - Salisbury 18th Section Fact Sheet
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