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  • 'We Love Water' Conservation Campaign

    Rain or shine, we take water conservation seriously. Campaign artwork shows where your water comes from and why it’s important to conserve, and includes easy tips to use a little less around the home.

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    Poster: Mountains to tapPoster: Mountains to tap,,
    Poster: Lawn watering (11x17)Poster: Lawn watering (11x17),,
    Poster: Car washing (11x17)Poster: Car washing (11x17),,

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    We Love Water logoWe Love Water logo,,,
    Capilano WatershedCapilano Watershed,,,
    Wonder where your water comes from?Wonder where your water comes from?,,,
    Golden lawnGolden lawn,,,
    Mow highMow high,,,
    Waterwise plantsWaterwise plants,,,
    Irrigation timerIrrigation timer,,,
    Lawn wateringLawn watering,,,
    Deck sweepingDeck sweeping,,,
    Car washingCar washing,,,

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    Waterwise tips - shareable images

    Download over 60 easy tips for using less water around the house.

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     Indoor tips images




    Don't waste a drop (1:20)Don't waste a drop (1:20),,
    Overview of the water system (2:40)Overview of the water system (2:40),,
    From the mountains to your tap (:30)From the mountains to your tap (:30),,
    From the mountains to your tap (:15)From the mountains to your tap (:15),,

  • Lawn Watering Education Material

    The region’s lawn watering regulations significantly reduce water use during drier months. Education material and advertising provides a snapshot of the regulations, as well as tips for maintaining a healthy landscape using less water.

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    Residential poster (11x17)Residential poster (11x17),,
    Residential rack cardResidential rack card, water/about/campaign-materials/CampaignThumbs/DWCP-Residential-Rack-Card-3-up.jpg,
    Non-residential rack cardNon-residential rack card,,
    Regulations infographicRegulations infographic,,
    Colour newspaper adColour newspaper ad,,,
    B&W newspaper adB&W newspaper ad,,,
    Waterwise lawn care brochureWaterwise lawn care brochure,,
    Waterwise irrigation brochureWaterwise irrigation brochure,,
    Residential postcardResidential postcard, Postcard, PDF

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    Residential vector Residential vector,,,

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  • Campaign Posters and Artwork