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Garbage - A Global Issue
National Zero Waste Council
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Garbage - A Global Issue 

In today’s globally connected world, local governments now deal with issues that have their roots far beyond municipal or regional borders.

Metro Vancouver recognizes the value of exploring solutions at the national and international levels. We are actively engaged in learning from our peers at home and around the world. We are also sharing our knowledge and experience with partners beyond our region.

Along with many urban centres around the world, we are part of a broad dialogue that will help us find the most sustainable way forward for our region.


Establishment of a National Zero Waste Council
Metro Vancouver is working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities via a National Zero Waste Council to advocate for changes in product design, based on ‘cradle to cradle’ design principles. Our goals is to help reduce the generation of waste and facilitate greater recycling.

Currently most products are designed and manufactured under the assumption that their end-of-life disposal is someone else’s responsibility. As a result, products are often easy to break, hard to upgrade and impractical to repair.

Changing this means making a transition to ‘cradle to cradle’ approaches that consider a product’s entire lifecycle. Products can then be designed so that at the end of their useful life, they can be composted or their component materials can be easily recovered and made into new products.

Metro Vancouver organizes and participates in a range of national and international events.  Metro Vancouver hosted Zero Waste Conferences in 2012 and 2013.

Metro Vancouver was also the main organizer of the 2012 Sustainable Cities International Network Annual Symposium, which took place in various locations across the region.



Metro Vancouver is Canada’s third-largest metropolitan region. A confederation of 24 local authorities, Metro Vancouver provides drinking water, sewerage and solid waste management services – as well as regional planning and political leadership - on behalf of the region’s 2.4 million residents.

Waste reduction is a priority area for Metro Vancouver – our goal is to keep 70% of our waste from the landfill by 2015 and 80% by 2020.