Tips and tricks for reducing single-use items in the workplace.

Avoiding single-use items at work and school can be a breeze if you unlock the superpowers below.



<div class="ExternalClass1825E20714DF459E9526AD6D668A26BC"><p>Use a reusable mug for your daily coffee. <br></p></div>, Mug
<div class="ExternalClass300F3D34AFDC46FC89178EC12457FD0F"><p>When hitting the food court or cafeteria, <h3 class="bangers">ask for as few containers as possible, and decline cutlery.</h3> Bring a reusable bag to carry your food if needed.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass977571648DE84365B3641FC27DA6A21C"><p>If possible, <h3 class="bangers">keep a travel mug, water bottle, set of utensils, and reusable straw</h3> at work.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass94B399ED5C8A49EEBFD857E00423F1AD"><p>Pack your lunch and snacks in reusable containers and pouches instead of single-use bags or plastic wrap.<br></p></div>, Reusable Container
<div class="ExternalClassD2892D83550A410BA03CBBA05D210311"><p>Pack your lunch bag the evening before and include a reusable mug, utensils, and a straw if needed.<br></p></div>, Pack in Advance
<div class="ExternalClass2B63DD6563554536A073808F97324CCB"><p>Make a habit of cleaning your cutlery, mug, and straw with your dinner dishes each evening, so that they are ready to go when you need them.<br></p></div>, Wash Resuables
<div class="ExternalClass6215453AEA704FEEA7C059DA4571A4F2"><p>Leave a reminder to bring your reusables somewhere that you know you will see it – e.g. a sticky note on your fridge, with your keys, or by the door. Or set a reminder in your phone.<br></p></div>, Reminder
<div class="ExternalClass974103CE3DBD4967B156666EAA85F729"><p><h3 class="bangers">Every superhero has a sidekick.</h3> Ask your co-workers for their support reducing single-use items, and make it a team effort.<br></p></div>