Tips and tricks for reducing single-use items while out in the community, shopping, and dining out.

Whether you have an exciting day at the park planned, are picking up takeout, or are going shopping, the following tips will make it easy to avoid single-use items and leave you feeling like a superhero. 



<div class="ExternalClass8E9B2B9C9C2B447CAA2256E563961075"><p>​<h3 class="bangers">Never lose your favourite reusables.</h3>  Label them with your contact information so that if you misplace them, you can be reached.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass9254078C379A46FDA3C9420FFD9A85DC"><p>If you drive, <h3 class="bangers">keep several reusable bags in your car</h3> and remember to store them there after each use. These can be used when grocery shopping, visiting shops, and picking up takeout, etc.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass376D4FA5F3B6431F97F2C16B02989197"><p>Make a habit of cleaning your cutlery, mug, and straw</h3><h3 class="bangers">with your dinner dishes</h3> each evening and put them in one easy to find and organized location.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClassF831CE76BA5248FC9A3E9C6B96DD80EA"><p>Don’t be caught off-guard! If you tend to forget to bring reusables when you go out, leave a reminder on your fridge, a sticky note by the door, or set a reminder on your phone.<br></p></div>, Reminder
<div class="ExternalClassFBD30CF4991F49D78810DAD21E1A1895"><p>At the grocery store, <h3 class="bangers">don’t use plastic produce bags.</h3> Keep produce items loose or opt for a reusable mesh bag instead.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClassC94DFFE4B59A433681C1DD08BC9B7B60"><p>Carry your groceries in reusable washable tote bags. Unlock a new power by learning to bag your groceries like a pro. (Google “how to bag groceries” for tips!)<br></p></div>, Resusable Bags
<div class="ExternalClass02D0D3ECF7574A1189107B32E744A428"><p>Use a reusable mug for your on-the-go coffee. <br></p></div>, Mug
<div class="ExternalClassABBE9A2CA1EE49A19FF8D3FB38E2B43F"><p>Bringing home leftovers or getting takeout? Ask for your order to be put in as few containers as possible, or bring your own container. <a href="" target="_blank">Learn more</a> about using your own container at food premises in BC.<br></p></div>, Containers
<div class="ExternalClass6C9A47049D334D4B9B215A386365B2DB"><p>If you are having a picnic, <h3 class="bangers">bring along reusable cups, utensils, and metal straws,</h3> if needed. Make sure you bring enough for everyone, or ask your fellow picnickers to bring their own reusables.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClassB271EC54C9164AA390C86301789E072B"><p>Go strawless, or use a reusable straw if possible. (Many individuals with diverse abilities require flexible plastic straws for accessibility while drinking beverages. <a href="/services/solid-waste/reduction-reuse/single-use-items-reduction/about/accessibility/Pages/default.aspx">Find out more</a>.) <br></p></div>, Straws
<div class="ExternalClass172B5482095A4B70BE8BC6734102AA27"><p>Be prepared. Pack reusables in your backpack or bag ahead of time, and <h3 class="bangers">put it somewhere highly visible</h3> and convenient for leaving your home, like by your keys.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass0C328EA027A84FABACB60F2BF57DF52C"><p><h3 class="bangers">Every superhero has a sidekick.</h3> Ask your family or those you live with for their support reducing single-use items, and make it a team effort.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass07AF6882D72244219E07315B504EE4C9"><p><h3 class="bangers">Choose reusable items that seal tightly</h3> to prevent spills or leaks into your bag.<br></p></div>