Tips and tricks for reducing single-use items at home.

Home is the hub where many of our reusable items are stored. Here are tips for using those reusable items, and avoiding single-use.



<div class="ExternalClass3221C428B1F64F58901048936A5A7326"><p>When packing lunches, <h3 class="bangers">use reusable containers, pouches, and cutlery.</h3><br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass59D247DDD2594973938EBCCFBFDA79B3"><p>Reduce utensil spam! When ordering takeout, opt for no cutlery or napkins included. (Check “no utensils” in your food delivery app, or request this when ordering over the phone.) Use reusable cutlery and napkins at home instead.<br></p></div>, Utensils
<div class="ExternalClass8E3002E9A77346F0A1F8F55F0582CF64">When ordering out from a restaurant <h3 class="bangers">Request that your order is put in as few containers as possible.</h3>(Find out how to dispose of takeout containers on <a href="/services/solid-waste/recycling-programs/food-scraps-recycling/residents/tips/confusing-items/Pages/default.aspx">this page</a>.)<br></div>
<div class="ExternalClass9046942F097C4E7795423391B1D0040A"><p>Make it a habit to wash your reusable mugs, containers, cutlery, and straw with the dinner dishes.<br></p></div>, Wash Reusables
<div class="ExternalClassD69949261CA149F3A4ECEDC8D030574F"><p><h3 class="bangers">Keep your reusable shopping bags</h3> in a place that you will remember them, like with your keys, in your backpack, or in your car.<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass5748EC53CC3C4651BAFF33069C6284BC"><p><h3 class="bangers">When hosting or entertaining,</h3> use reusable instead of single-use. If you don’t have enough cutlery or tableware, consider renting reusable instead of buying single-use. Or, consider a BYOC party, and have guests bring their own cutlery!<br></p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass3A8B1BC1179B4A2690FE4AD710E2105A"><p><h3 class="bangers">Every superhero has a sidekick.</h3> Ask your friends and family or those you live with for their support reducing single-use items, and make it a team effort.<br></p></div>