Saving the world can be a thankless task. There are everyday superheroes saving our region from garbage by reducing single-use items. They’re carrying groceries in reusable bags, saying no to single-use utensils, helping others reduce single-use, and more. And even the smallest of these Superhabits is worth celebrating!

Give the everyday superheroes in your life a little boost by celebrating the everyday actions they take to reduce single-use items. Our small daily routines will save the day.

Give Kudos

Do you know a person or business who is fighting the good fight to reduce single-use items? Make a custom certificate to celebrate their achievements!

Complete the fields to create your custom certificate. Then download the image and share it on social media, in a text, or in an email. (Don’t forget to add the hashtag #CelebrateSuperhabits when you share on social media!)

Celebrate on Social

Feeling proud of your Superhabit? Do you have a secret power to reduce-single use? Shout it from the rooftops!

Share your own Superhabits or give kudos to a person or business for helping to reduce single-use. Use the hashtag #CelebrateSuperhabits, and don’t forget to tag the person or business you are celebrating!

See Superhabits from around Metro Vancouver on Instagram by exploring the hashtag #CelebrateSuperhabits.

Celebrate IRL

If you see an everyday Superhabit in action, give that superhero a compliment. Shoot them a thumbs up, do a virtual cheers with your reusable mugs, or exchange a knowing glance as you sip your drink without a straw.

Celebrate Businesses

And don’t forget to thank local businesses for making it possible to reduce single-use items! If your coffee shop offers contactless pour, or your favourite takeout joint always asks if you need disposable utensils before putting them in your order, let them know that you appreciate the work they do. Give them a shout out on social media or tell them in person.