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 Stain removal



DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass5EF9F13ED7C94E0DBDB0D550A78A741F"><p>For all kinds of berry stains, pour boiling water - from the kettle - over the stain.  Watch it completely disappear.  I was afraid to try this the first time, but it is miraculous - nothing remains.  This will work even if the stain has been there a few days!<br></p></div>debwandal@gmail.comDeborah L Wandal
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassFA02CF37A9CB4596B54C07FB1FE5834E"><p>​I like to use a black sharpie to blot out any bleach stains on my clothes. <br></p></div>jay.soper@metrovancouver.orgJay
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassBFF7A50BC8BA4DB09494E14771D3687A"><p>​Use wax crayons to colour over and disguise scuffs in leather shoes. Go a shade darker if you haven't a perfect match. </p></div>andylucy@telus.netAlex Haynes
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass16AE9257AEEF49488C139A0680DFEBB7"><p>​Murphy Soap works wonders on blood stains! Of course, it works best the sooner you can get to it. I just rub a little into the stain, let it sit for a while, rinse, and repeat if necessary! <br></p></div>alexandra.danahy@gmail.comAlexandra Danahy
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass7615BFE192764494A86336CDCB61BB7D"><p>​dye!<br></p><p>Looking old or stained, fabric dye is fairly inexpensive and you can go from colours to black as a last resort. </p><p>I also just picked up a fabric ink I havent tried out yet</p></div>nikitamcdaniel@gmail.comNikita McDaniel
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass5957772CAF8A4DACBD49ABB601451D5F"><p>​Dish soap removes all sorts of stains! It is especially good at removing anything greasy. Just rub into the stain (after testing an inconspicuous area first) and let sit for a while then launder as normal. <br></p></div>scraig@dsamedia.caSamantha

 Laundry Tip



DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass6E9ABE6A98464D5688DD6A94A221ACD2"><p>​Use vinegar instead of bleach to do your laundry, there's less harsh chemicals involved and it's got great antibacterial properties! It's even been used for cleaning washing machines too!<br></p></div>hlupton@shaw.caHannah
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassC68C8AA6CF9447D19159E33815FC810E"><p>Dry knits like sweaters and cardigans​ flat on a towel. This will help them keep their shape!<br></p></div>alison.schatz@gmail.comAlison
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassC918D7E98F094B69A440DE57095E9B2B"><p>I use the "Quick Wash" setting for almost all my laundry. It's gentler on my clothes and gets them just as clean as a full wash.​</p></div>alison.schatz@gmail.comBryan
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass553A135C2F224D76BDBD387B34A03499"><p>​Bras are delicate and expensive. They should never go in the washing machine. To make your bras last, always hand wash!<br></p></div>Hazelknits@gmail.comHazel

 Repurposing Old Clothes



DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass53F737DC75C24E748F3D5AF52CF855EE"><p>​These are my pocket pants, the white ones are still under construction. All the pockets are sewn on by hand. The first pockets I used came from some of my own pants which were worn out, but still had pockets that were in good shape. Some pockets came from friends who saved pockets to give to me from clothes they were getting rid of. A few pockets have come from thrift store purchases where I have a rule of thumb of a dollar per pocket. E.g. I'll spend $4 on an item if I get four pockets off of it (I'll go over if the pockets are particularly nice). A large amount of the pockets have come off of items I get at a free store. Many of the pockets have little stories associated with them since they remind me of the person or place where they came from.<br></p></div>spinnerkay0@gmail.comKay
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassEAF3BEC6BBEA4CCFA081D6203E3C0308"><p>​Upcycling is a fun way to prolong the life of clothing pieces that have shrunk, need repair, or no longer bring joy. <br></p></div>rayceandrice@gmail.comRay
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass0B0D5A7790154B93B20AE05099425542"><p>​use old shirts to protect suits, dresses from dust in the closet<br></p></div>Jackie.ord@btinternet.comJackie
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass08864FE7339945A182213328EF8858F9"><p>Richmond has this website for people to put out what they don't use. Many people need clothing but cannot afford, does not have to be new. People can donate their used clothes shoes, to care homes.</p><p>​<a href=""></a></p></div>marypia0210@gmail.comMary

 Buying Quality Clothes



DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassACF501A496CB4919A4962E391500B768"><p>I'm surprised that the option of making your own clothing has not been covered. Sewing your own clothing forces you to really look at what you add to your wardrobe. If you're not prepared to spend the time making it, then you probably don't actually NEED it. It is too easy to buy something at the mall that only gets worn a couple of times, but if you have to consciously THINK about the time/money investment involved in adding to your wardrobe, you will find that you're less likely to add things that you don't really need and won't wear regularly.​ Also, if you've put the work into making clothing yourself, you're far more likely to cherish those items of clothing, taking the time to care for them properly, and mending them when they need it. As an added bonus, you'll have one of a kind clothing, and you'll never show up to a party wearing the same thing as another guest!<br></p></div>hazelknits@gmail.comHazel
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassB79FF7AEED844D0AAF26DDB423F9FF03"><p>Don't buy "temporary" clothes thinking you can do a good thing by donating them after you move on to the next fashion. I lived in Uganda where donated clothes from Canada had decimated the local clothing industry. Instead of paying a tailor or seamstress to sew outfits from local textiles (which are beautiful!), people were wearing our cast-off t-shirts. Please don't buy clothes intending to wear them for a short time - buy quality items that you will wear as long as possible. </p></div>ugandalil@yahoo.caJane

 Buying Second-hand



DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassD4F4A8ED42294A21892B497455E110CF"><p>​I keep a reminder list on my smart phone of "Garage sale / Thrift store look-fors" so that when I find myself in one of those places I know what I need.  I try to plan ahead as to what I might need, be patient, and keep my needs simple, and then when I'm at a garage sale or thrift store, I'm ready to look.  So much satisfaction when I finally find what I want, patience was rewarded, didn't cause [new] manufacturing for my needs, and was part of the loop that kept stuff out of the landfill.<br></p></div>jearmstrong61@icloud.comJane
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClassF75E30B37E0E4661801826C49D6C1830"><p>Thrift Store Shopping - Value Village/Savers thrift stores give you a 25% off coupon each time you donate items at their stores. They accept clothing, shoes, housewares, furniture, books and office supplies, sports equipment, and much more. Be sure to take a bag of donations with you each time you shop, to get the extra 25% discount.<br></p><p><br></p></div>emailvictoriasmith@gmail.comVictoria Claire
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass783C163C0CCB47FAA0B89C1C8C42C8BC"><p>​If you must buy clothes, purchase from ethical brands or secondhand. Fashion has been argued to be one of the most polluting industries in the world!<br></p></div>



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