Create memories, not garbage.

Wrap Wise

Wrapping gifts with festive paper and decorations can create anticipation and surprise, but it can also make a lot of garbage! Use our tips to wrap with less this Christmas.

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Jars11<div class="ExternalClass9FA8CD6B2ECB48108DC8C3D88D6EF93D"><div>​Reusable containers such as a mason, pasta, jam or soup jars make great vessels for your edible holiday gifts. Check out our <a href="">Love Food Hate Waste</a> page for more great tips how to store food and make it last longer.</div></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#9aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc;L0|#09aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc|Thoughts for food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Coffee Cans12 cansCoffee Cans<div class="ExternalClass5468D542BEF5496E95892EA8A76BE563">​Hang on to your empty food cans throughout the year. These air-tight containers make the perfect package for your tasty Christmas treats. <br><br></div>, Picture, thumbGP0|#9aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc;L0|#09aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc|Thoughts for food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Paper Bags13 bagsPaper Bags<div class="ExternalClass9898B56BE9D1466F86FB88B625702184"><p>​Baked goods can easily go into a paper bag. Sounds a little unappealing? Punch a few holes in the top, wrap it with some nice twine or a ribbon, and add some greenery to jazz it up and make it look beautiful. </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#9aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc;L0|#09aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc|Thoughts for food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Fabrics1<div class="ExternalClassC0743B7F18E64716B3516C36AE8ED267"><p>​<span style="line-height:107%;font-family:calibri, sans-serif;font-size:11pt;">The perfect reusable material for wrapping presents. You can find fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns, just like wrapping paper, and you likely already have lots of fabrics lying around the house. Look for tablecloths, tea towels, pillowcases, sheets or even socks. For ideas on how to wrap using fabrics, check out the Japanese art of <a href="">furoshiki</a>, which uses just a few simple folds and a knot.<span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></span></p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Newspaper2<div class="ExternalClass370BD555AF054BD1B0824617308B1FE7"><p>​Do you get the newspaper delivered to your home? Consider saving a few weeks’ worth for your holiday wrapping. </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Brown Paper Bags3 paper bagsBrown Paper Bags<div class="ExternalClassE75A772FC9D447F18E67423666DDBB1C"><p>​Collect these from the supermarket for the weeks leading into the holidays. All you have to do is cut along the seams of the bag, lay it flat like you would with wrapping paper, and voila! Use colourful twine or string, colouring felts, paint or stickers to turn it into something unique and beautiful. </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Old Maps4 mapsOld Maps<div class="ExternalClass02B6F69346ED407F9D4EAB5ECF8BC816"><p>​Not many of us are relying on paper maps these days. But wait, don't get rid of these just yet, as they are a colourful source of large paper sheets that can be repurposed for gift wrapping. </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Calendars5<div class="ExternalClassD59A4AB216F64F57A3859E4A8A4360EE"><p>​Calendars become outdated after 365 days. Hold on to your old calendars from last year. You won’t even need much decorating since many have beautiful pictures and artwork already.  </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Save Your Wrapping Paper6 paperSave Your Wrapping Paper<div class="ExternalClassF2DFD9EF920844DEBB85B4EB0E1F288C">​If you are planning to use gift-wrap, try reusing old wrapping paper from last year. If you need to purchase gift-wrap, look for wrap made from recycled paper.</div>, Picture, thumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Boxes7<div class="ExternalClass73D47E7B53D84D858F6748BBDCD70518"><p>​Why do we feel the need to use wrapping paper if we’re already putting the gift in a box? Boxes are a stylish and easy option for your gift wrapping needs, and many of them already have lovely patterns printed on them. </p></div>, Picture, thumbGP0|#1d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d;L0|#01d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d|Wrap with less;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Gift Bags8 bagsGift Bags<div class="ExternalClass01129BF96F5541CCA72570B6E53FF1E0"><p>​Start a new gift wrapping tradition by making gift bags that be reused every year. These can come in a variety of material types and styles: paper, fabric, tote, fiber & mesh, shopping, twisted handle, etc. You probably already have a few lying around the house. </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d;L0|#01d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d|Wrap with less;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Don't Wrap It10 not wrapDon't Wrap It<div class="ExternalClass93E658255EC44030917EA46CD97C384D"><p>It’s usually pretty obvious when you wrap up a baseball bat for the Babe Ruth in your life. Embrace the obvious, omit the paper, and jazz it up with a reusable ribbon or a bow. See our <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/tips-to-reduce2?category=Decorating">Decorating section</a> for tips that use less waste. </p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d;L0|#01d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d|Wrap with less;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Wrap Without Tape17 Without TapeWrap Without Tape<div class="ExternalClass9A24D638D0424A6F9CEDF6261B853FA0">​Tape is so convenient. If you’re trying to celebrate the holidays with less plastic, it can be hard to find a less wasteful option. Try this when wrapping gifts: leave the sides of the paper extra-long, so that when folded in they can be tied with string or a ribbon and still stay securely.</div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d;L0|#01d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d|Wrap with less;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Food Storage16 Storage<div class="ExternalClass150FF78EF132406289D302549323AFE6"><p>​Got a few extra food storage containers in the bottom drawer? Use these to package up leftovers for your guests, or for your delectable food gifts. <span aria-hidden="true"></span></p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#9aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc;L0|#09aeff697-bb6a-4bb4-a84e-3dcca9c6acbc|Thoughts for food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Clay Flower Pots9 potsClay Flower Pots<div class="ExternalClassCF7168880F1D4F2EAC95F3869C36CF6B">​A gift within a gift. Look for pots that come with the saucer for catching water, as this makes a great lid. Place your gift inside and secure with string, twine or ribbon. The gift package can be used again for gardening come summer time. </div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d;L0|#01d50762c-7b94-4778-96a0-f129f17f384d|Wrap with less;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089