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Fabrics1<div class="ExternalClassC0743B7F18E64716B3516C36AE8ED267"><p>‚Äč<span style="line-height:107%;font-family:calibri, sans-serif;font-size:11pt;">The perfect reusable material for wrapping presents. You can find fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns, just like wrapping paper, and you likely already have lots of fabrics lying around the house. Look for tablecloths, tea towels, pillowcases, sheets or even socks. For ideas on how to wrap using fabrics, check out the Japanese art of <a href="">furoshiki</a>, which uses just a few simple folds and a knot.<span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></span></p></div>, Picture, ThumbGP0|#1d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87;L0|#01d037328-6d29-4830-915f-7f7748f4cd87|Reusable Materials;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089