Create memories, not garbage.

​Tips to Reduce

Between wrapping presents, decorating, the parties and the food, the holidays can create a lot of waste. Use these tips to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill.

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Borrow from Nature1 from natureBorrow from Nature<div class="ExternalClass1BDAEF8CA0FE4FD8BEA217103408F3EC"><p>​Many decorations can be found by looking no further than your back yard. Pinecones, branches, leaves, and twigs can all be used as decorations. Try using the greenery in nature to make your wreath or centerpiece this year. It’s easy, waste free, and smells good too! </p></div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Reusable LED Candles2 candlesReusable LED Candles<div class="ExternalClass5D814F17BF0946C9B299CC5BB6E89DAD">​Who doesn't love the warm winter ambiance created by lighting a few candles? Reusable LED candles are a safer and more eco-friendly option. These look similar to real candles, are made from real wax, and are even designed to flicker in the same way. Make sure to look for rechargeable and reusable LED candles, and to avoid the cheaper disposable ones. </div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Green Shopping Choices3 shoppingGreen Shopping Choices<div class="ExternalClassD8E7195342B24B96A5F7062B0795B987">​When choosing new decorations, shop for ones that can be used forever. Start small and add to your collection year by year. <br><br></div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Make It a Party4 it a partyMake It a Party<div class="ExternalClassD3BDE295EBA24A1EB1317B792A19CEB0"><p>​Invite friends and family over to make decorations. It’s amazing the beautiful decorations you can make out of newspaper, magazine pages, toilet paper rolls, and a little ribbon or string. Search online for ‘green Christmas decorations’ – you’ll find simple but great ideas. </p></div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
The Aftermath5 Aftermath<div class="ExternalClassB370C0754D054F7BA09B4C1E3B0B7861">​Once it's all said and done, you may still have some 'stuff' leftover. Know what packaging and printed paper can go into your recycling bins. You can also use <a href="">Metro Vancouver Recycles</a> to find the most convenient locations to donate or recycle just about anything that doesn't go in your blue box. </div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Love Food, Hate Waste6 food hate wasteLove Food, Hate Waste<div class="ExternalClassCE54F169F38D471A9F502989B938E746"><p> <a href="" target="_blank">Find tips on how to reduce food waste in the first place </a>(and save up to $700 a year) and some great recipe ideas for your leftovers.</p><p> <span style="line-height:107%;font-family:"calibri","sans-serif";font-size:11pt;"> <br></span></p></div>,,|#46ca4777-c0b5-4262-a8a7-1eb85c7d68a3;L0|#046ca4777-c0b5-4262-a8a7-1eb85c7d68a3|Food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Plan Your Holiday Food Shopping7 food shoppingPlan Your Holiday Food Shopping<div class="ExternalClassFD4643B683804B9287CFA3AD70DB262F"><ul><li>Check what you have at home before you shop.</li><li>Make a list and buy only what you need.</li><li>Shop in bulk to reduce packaging and buy the exact amount you need.</li><li>Buy local meat, produce, and condiments.</li><li>Bring your own reusable shopping bags when you go to the store.</li><li>Avoid shopping on an empty stomach.</li></ul> </div>,,|#46ca4777-c0b5-4262-a8a7-1eb85c7d68a3;L0|#046ca4777-c0b5-4262-a8a7-1eb85c7d68a3|Food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Entertain in Green8 in Green<div class="ExternalClass0C5C16C90BE147C2B085270A91E96438"><ul><li>Skip the paper napkins in favour of a reusable cloth material.</li><li>Use reusable containers for leftovers instead of plastic wrap or tin foil.</li><li>Suggest that your dinner guest bring their own reusable containers to take leftovers home.</li><li>Remember to compost any unusable food scraps.</li></ul> </div>,,|#46ca4777-c0b5-4262-a8a7-1eb85c7d68a3;L0|#046ca4777-c0b5-4262-a8a7-1eb85c7d68a3|Food;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Curate a Collection9 a CollectionCurate a Collection<div class="ExternalClassE37962ED463B415D95183738763C1AC5">​When buying new decorations, choose quality items you’ll want to use year after year. Mix these in with homemade and nostalgic items to build a collection of decorations you love.</div>,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Recycle Old Christmas Lights10 Old Christmas LightsRecycle Old Christmas Lights<div class="ExternalClass3A63AF668CFC4377A76E861B2D4285EF"><p>​Old, broken Christmas lights can be recycled. Find a facility that accepts them on <a href="">MetroVancouver Recycles.</a></p></div>,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Recycled Cardboard Tree11 Cardboard TreeRecycled Cardboard Tree<div class="ExternalClassF8C808503B4B4545A571FFCCBF47F686">​Instead of chopping down a perfectly healthy tree, how about using an already-dead one? By recycling some old cardboard boxes, you’ll end up with a minimalistic 3D tree that can be decorated with lights and baubles just like any other. Find instructions <a href="">here.</a></div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Turn Old Toys Into Ornaments13 Old Toys Into OrnamentsTurn Old Toys Into Ornaments<div class="ExternalClassB9A1CF4A59F34536B3EA3986B0CC2CE9">​Transform old toys into nostalgic Christmas tree decorations. Ask the kids to help pick out which toys to use. To hang, use a needle and embroidery thread to stitch through soft toys, insert screw eyes into wooden toys, or wind embroidery thread through an opening or around a narrow part of the toy.</div>,,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Recycled Giftwrap Garland14 Giftwrap GarlandRecycled Giftwrap Garland<div class="ExternalClassDA75D20FED3B4A4DB6A72DAF28EF885C"><p>​Instead of throwing them out, gather up old holiday gift bags, bits of wrapping paper and greeting cards. Cut out circles and string them together to create a festive garland. Get instructions <a href="">here</a>. </p></div>, Gift Wrap Garland, Gift Wrap GarlandGP0|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Upcycle Socks15 SocksUpcycle Socks<div class="ExternalClass819F6C5B4F6742FAB1074F6A531588FF"><div>​Turn outgrown baby socks into a sweet<a href=""> advent calendar</a>. Or, re-purpose bigger wool socks into stockings. </div></div>,|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Alternative Christmas Tree12 Christmas TreeAlternative Christmas Tree<div class="ExternalClass97CC49A9CC17403487EE3730B36CCAD1"><p>​If you’re looking to move away from a traditional tree this Christmas, see what materials you have around the house and exercise some creative muscle. You can make a festive tree out of books, a ladder, or picture frames. See more unique ideas <a href="">here</a>.</p></div>, Alternative tree, Alternative TreeGP0|#15d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d;L0|#015d72c3a-bae1-402d-b8b6-10579e614e6d|Decorating;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089