Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Facilities – Naming Options

Metro Vancouver is considering names for two new solid waste facilities in Coquitlam and Surrey, expected to open in 2021, and is reviewing the names of current solid waste facilities that it owns and operates across the region. The goal is to choose names that truly describe the scope of services available at the facilities, are easy to remember, and provide information on the facility’s location.

This survey aims to collect feedback on solid waste facility naming options from in-region municipal staff and those who work in the waste hauling industry.

Currently, the term “transfer station” is used to describe Metro Vancouver’s solid waste facilities where residents, businesses, and collection contractors drop off garbage, yard trimmings and recyclable materials.

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1. What term do you prefer for Metro Vancouver solid waste facilities (currently called “transfer stations”)?

Currently, transfer stations are named after the municipality in which they are located (e.g. Coquitlam Transfer Station). However, each regional solid waste facility is meant to serve multiple communities – not only the municipality in which it is located.

2. What geographic name do you prefer for the replacement Coquitlam Transfer Station, located at 995 United Boulevard, Coquitlam?

3. What geographic name do you prefer for the new Surrey Recycling and Waste Drop-Off, located at 6711 154th Street, Surrey?

Metro Vancouver also owns and operates the Waste-to-Energy Facility – a facility that burns garbage and turns it into electricity, reclaimed metal and ash. The facility is only open to waste collection haulers who drop off garbage after collecting it from residents and businesses.

4. Possible new names for the Waste-to-Energy Facility are listed below. Please choose your favourite.
5. Do you have any other comments or feedback on solid waste facility naming?
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7. Name of Organization where you work:

8. Do you work on solid waste related projects as part of your regular work? *
9. Would you be interested in participating in an online focus group on solid waste facility naming options?
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