Metro Vancouver Assessment of the Regional Solid Waste System

Municipalities and Waste Haulers Survey of Solid Waste Facilities


Metro Vancouver is undertaking an Assessment of the Regional Solid Waste System, to help plan for future upgrading and replacement of solid waste facilities, particularly transfer stations.

GHD Limited is reaching out on behalf of Metro Vancouver to ask solid waste account customers a series of questions regarding service levels and customer satisfaction with Metro Vancouver’s North Shore Transfer Station, Coquitlam Transfer Station, Surrey Transfer Station, Maple Ridge Transfer Station, and Langley Transfer Station and the Waste-to-Energy Facility, as well as the City of Vancouver’s Vancouver South Transfer Station and Vancouver Landfill.

Survey results will support operational capacity modelling of the regional solid waste system. Individual responses will be collated and generalized to provide an industry and municipal perspective.

The survey will be open until June 10, 2020.

Note: It’s recognized that the regional solid waste system is affected by COVID-19 at this time. Since this survey is intended to assess the regional solid waste system under “normal” conditions, when responding to this survey, please be thinking in terms of a pre-COVID-19 situation.

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Are you representing a member municipality or waste hauler? *
Name of your organization (optional):

Contact email in case of follow-up (optional):

Which regional solid waste facilities do you usually use? (select all that apply):

Hours of Operation

Operating hours for Metro Vancouver facilities are here and Vancouver facilities are here.

1. With the exception of the Waste-to-Energy Facility which is already open 24 hours, would your organization benefit if the other regional solid waste facilities were (select all that apply): *
2. Are the operational hours at the regional solid waste facilities convenient for your organization’s operation? *
3. Do you have suggestions for the operational hours, and if so at which regional solid waste facilities?

Tipping Fee Structure

4. The current tipping fee structure is based on load weight for commercial waste haulers, with the rate per tonne lower for higher weight loads. The municipal tipping fee is independent of weight. Any tipping fee structure must be set so that revenues cover expenditures. What changes would you suggest for the tipping fee structure: *
5. If you answered “Other suggested changes ”, what changes would you propose to the tipping fee structure?

Wait Times

6. What is the highest reasonable wait time from arrival to unloading at a regional solid waste facility? *
7. How important is the amount of time it takes to complete your visit at a regional solid waste facility? *

Distance to Facilities

8. What is the highest reasonable driving distance from your collection service area to a regional solid waste facility? *

Overall Satisfaction

9. How satisfied are you with the level of service at the regional solid waste facilities you use? *
10. How important is it to accept a full range of recyclable and compostable materials at regional solid waste facilities? *
11. Thinking about the various regional solid waste facilities and their garbage and recycling drop-off levels of service, are there any service expansions or specific upgrades you would like at any of the solid waste facilities? *
12. If you answered “Yes ”, what service expansions or upgrades would you propose and at which facilities?

Additional Feedback

13. Any other feedback that you would like to share about the regional solid waste facilities?