What are other restaurants doing?
Below are examples of leadership in the restaurant sector.

Restaurants reducing waste

Setting up the right food scraps system in your restaurant can make collection easy. New Westminster restaurant Wild Rice demonstrates how a small business can set up a successful system by engaging staff and working with your hauler to find the right services.



Wild RiceWild Rice217643473

Reducing food waste through donation

Many commercial restaurants and retailers help to reduce food waste through donations to agencies in the Lower Mainland. Quest agency redirects edible healthy food to an alternative retail store.



Commercial Food Waste - April 2012Commercial Food Waste - April 2012219779035

Bakery sets up kitchen recycling

See how a bakery has been separating food waste for 10 years including station set up, and color coding for bins. The Greentable Network helped set up this efficient diversion program.



Terra BreadsTerra Breads217645832

ABC Restaurants reduce food waste

ABC Restaurants reduces food waste using an electronic food waste tracking system.

In the video below, restaurants reduce food waste by measuring food waste and making adjustments to their operations.



Food Waste Reduction for RestaurantsFood Waste Reduction for Restaurants219036115

Case Study, Hospitality industry, Coast Hotels

Coast Hotels offers in-room food scraps recycling. The process has been cost-effective, and has led to higher customer satisfaction.

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