What are other apartments and condos doing?

Case Study, multi-family, Concert Properties

Concert Properties reduced their garbage by 80% by implementing a comprehensive recycling program in their buildings, including food scraps recycling.

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Case Study multi-family, city collection, New Westminster

The City of New Westminster offers food scraps recycling in apartments. Their 2013 pilot project collected 50 tonnes per month (600 tonnes over the year). In a survey, 88% of respondents were interested in a City wide multi-family food scraps collection program.

Read the case study from the BC Ministry of Environment website.

Case Study multi-family, onsite technology, Coquitlam

Metro Vancouver tested an on-site composter called the Rocket at a townhouse complex in Coquitlam. All the compost is used on site, residents find the experience social, and over 3000 kilograms of food scraps were kept out of the landfill.

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Vancouver Sun article from July 2014 updates the City of Vancouver food scraps recycling program, and specifically looks at multi-unit residential buildings.

Vancouver Sun article from June 2014 covers the multi-unit residential buildings pilot programs in that city.